small business investors

Small business investors are likely to provide, as their names indicate. These extremely wealthy people invest money in the necessary start-up in exchange for convertible debt or ownership of stock. Many of them now make online stock crowdfunding investments. forming themselves into networks of angel investors to pool their resources and offer counsel to portfolio companies.

List of small business investors – India

  1. Rajan Anandan
    Managing Director – Sequoia Capital

    One of the most active angel investors in 2017 is Rajan Anandan, managing director of Google India and an MIT graduate. Rajan is a co-founder of Blue Ocean Ventures, the first seed fund in Sri Lanka, and is currently investing in entrepreneurs throughout India and Sri Lanka. Rajan prefers to invest in B2B firms with joint ownership, he admits. He does not, however, discount the possibility of serendipity. So, give it a shot and pitch to one of the nation’s most prospective investors—and an enthusiastic angel investor at it now! He is one of the active small business investors in 2017

    Big data, analytics, online health care, mobile commerce, consumer internet, and digital media are some of the major industries in which he invests.

    Past investments include Social Cops, Letsventure, LBB, pop xo, Travelkhana, Instamojo, and Explara.
  2. Anupam Mittal
    Founder & CEO – People Group

    The founder of the Founder People Group and the person responsible for revolutionizing the Indian arranged marriage market. Anupam Mittal has established himself as a standard in the angel investor network. His extremely successful venture Anupam Mittal’s portfolio has grown tenfold in the last few years, now, including nearly 50 startups, including the highly profitable Ola Cabs. What tends to work for one of the largest active angel investors in this community? A large market potential, as well as sustainability and scalability. He is also one of the active small business investors in 2017.

    He invests primarily in technology, consumer internet, mobile, healthcare, and SaaS.

    Previous investments include HackerEarth, Drivezy, Kae Capital, Letsventure, Ola Cabs, Truebil, and myHQ.
  3. T.V. Mohandas Pai
    Chairman – Manipal Global Education, Former Director, Infosys

    Mohandas Pai, the former chief financial officer of Infosys, is an active angel investor. His primary emphasis has been on early-stage investments in technology startups. His technique has been that of a proactive investor, with an intentional decision to make relatively small investments. He is also a strong supporter of female entrepreneurs. No doubt Shraddha Sharma’s Yourstory did so well! Pai currently has both direct and indirect investments in over a thousand businesses. He is also one of the active small business investors in 2017.

    His primary investment also include technology startups, consumer internet, and media.

    Previous investments also include Zoomcar, Zimmber, YourStory, FairCent, and Kaaryah.
  4. Girish Mathrubootham
    CEO – Freshwork

    Girish Mathrubootham, a self-proclaimed customer support pioneer, is the founder and CEO of FreshWorks, India’s most productive customer support software provider. He is thought to have a focus on the proper tools and to have created products that are highly user-centric. He is also one of the active small business investors in 2017.

    If you have an idea that fits this category and are looking for an angel investor in India, we recommend connecting with him in some way.

    He invests money which also includes SAAS, customer support, enterprise software, consumer internet, education, and content and listing platforms.

    Previous investments include Whatfix, The Ken, Innov8, GoBumpr, and iService, as well as Unacademy, Factor Daily, Inkmonk, The Ken, and Zarget.
  5. Anand Chandrasekaran
    Director – Facebook

    He was the former Snapdeal Product Head and is now a Director at Facebook. He has worked with companies such as Yahoo!, Bharti Airtel, and Wynk. He graduated from Stanford. He is one of the active small business investors in 2017. He has invested in 6 angel investments in 2017 and twenty in 2016.

    He has now made 30 investments in the stock market, earning him credibility and recognition as one of India’s most active angel investors.

    The major domains in which he invests also include Consumer Internet, B2C and P2P Marketplaces, Fintech, and SaaS.

    His previous investments also include LetsVenture, Fynd, InnerChef, Instalively, NoBroker, Wooplr