Undoubtedly workplace bullying is related to emotional, physical, mental, suicides, and social stress. This thing is happening throughout the globe, and the numbers are increasing day by day. Bullying is not only done at schools and colleges; the colleagues also let their mates feel down. In simpler words, bullying is affecting not only children but also adults.

Workplace bullying means repeated actions of insulting someone in front of everyone. These actions directly impact the employees’ safety and health. Many people don’t actually understand the meaning of workplace bullying and relate it with aggression.

If someone showing aggression towards you at your workplace is also insulting, but that’s not bullying. Aggression is something only one time, but repeated actions towards you are called workplace bullying.

Humiliating, insulting, and letting down any employee at the workplace are some common behaviors of bullying. Someone experiencing bullying, again and again, starts feeling degraded and helpless.

If you’re someone who is suffering from workplace bullying, today, this post will change your life. Workplace harassment online is very humiliating, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from it again and again.

Case study : how can you tackle workplace bullying by Indian law?

It’s hard to say, but the indian government doesn’t have special anti-harassment training or laws related to workplace bullying. However, there are different sections present in the indian law constitution, like section 306, section 506, section 323, section 340, and section 339 for putting people behind bars for workplace bullying.

Indian penal code is working on dealing with workplace bullying and encouraging professionals, especially women, to speak about what they are facing at the workplace. If you’re suffering from insecurities at your workplace or your boss is pulling you down publically or forcing you to leave the job without any reason, you can report your complaint under the sections mentioned above. This thing is also taught in workplace bullying e-learning

Workplace bullying has turned into a major concern for the organisations

According to various reports, workplace bullying is experienced by nearly 30% of employees worldwide, and only 1% has tackled this issue legally. Out of one in three employees are suffering from workplace bullying, which is something shocking and unbelievable. Have a look at the below pointers.

  • Above 70% of the world’s population knows everything about workplace bullying.
  • In most cases, the culprit is the bosses and hr managers.
  • Above 60 million employees are witnessing workplace bullying every year but not tackling it legally.
  • Above 90% of the population is interested in making special laws in the constitution for the employees to cope up with workplace bullying legally.

As a result, the companies should take the first step towards workplace bullying and encourage employees to come up and speak if they are experiencing something wrong. Companies should also encourage employees to learn or provide the workplace bullying course to cope up with this problem.

How to effective handle harassment at workplace?

There are different types of harassment you can suffer from at your workplace, like sexual harassment and non-sexual harassment. If you feel you’re a victim of workplace bullying, instead of quitting the job, file the complaint with the concerned authorities.

Before you take any decision, learn everything about how you should handle workplace bullying and put the culprit behind bars. If you’re not educating yourself, you can go behind bars due to false claims and even lose your job.

Instead of feeling demotivated and devastated, try to collect audio and video proofs and save them in multiple drives. Here, you shouldn’t ask for support from someone working with you, because nobody wants to lose their job. You’re alone, and it’s your responsibility to come up, speak, act smartly, and let the culprit stay behind bars.

Where can you find the best anti-harassment training?

L’strategyq skill academy has designed a course where you’ll get to know how to prevent workplace bullying permanently and legally.

Workplace bullying course was curated by l’strategq, which also runs various campaigns based on workplace bullying. It is suitable for both indian and international residents, and seriously this course is superb. By just giving two hours to this course, none of the bosses and managers residing on this planet can harass you mentally, socially, physically, and emotionally.

This is a 100% online course available in hindi and english, where you are encouraged to stand up, speak, and handle the matter legally. If you’re accepting workplace bullying, it’s your mistake, and you’ll suffer.

Final thought

Workplace bullying can affect the targeted employees, and the company can be shut down permanently. It will affect the company’s reputation and also profit margins. Workplace bullying adversely affects the company and its employees. In a nutshell, it has become imperative for employees to end workplace harassment anywhere in the world.


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