A young real estate developer plans to create the world’s first Bitcoin community on the tropical island of Bequia. Storm Gonsalves is planning to build 39 luxury villas, bars, restaurants, shops, and a clubhouse that would accept digital currency as a mode of payment. The cryptocurrency users will be able to complete all transactions through Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin cash for now.

The tropical island is the second biggest in the Grenadines and is located south of St. Vincent and north of Mustique. The lesser-known island is fast garnering popularity after Mr. Gonsalves revealed his plans in the media. “Bequia has always been kind of this sailors’ island where you go to get away from everybody, with no Internet, it’s almost like being on a deserted island,” Mr. Gonsalves told The Independent.

“But for people of my generation, it’s a bit different, they want adventure, just like the last generation, but they want that adventure with fast Wi-Fi; that’s what we’re trying to bridge.”

The buyers will have the option of buying 2 to 5 bedroom villas in the community or casually paying a visit for a few months. The transactions for sale and purchase shall be facilitated through digital currency as well. The price range for the villas on sale starts from USD 1.1 million and goes up to USD 2.3 million based on the size and location.

Mr. Storm Gonsalves credited the late Felix Dennis, owner, and founder of Maxim magazine, for the inspiration behind this project. Mr. Gonsalves was also mentored by Felix Dennis and is keen on recreating the atmosphere of the house Mr. Dennis bought on the island from David Bowie.

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