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Dr Neeta Pant
Priya Chhabra
The new Universe- The Metaverse

Top Woman Achiever of 2022 – “Dr. Neeta Pant” ~ Tale of Perseverance

(Recognised by Bizemag Media) Industry             :       Education Function                   :       Human Resources Location                   :       Gurgaon The above not only resonates with me but is the philosophy of my life. Briefly describe your professional skills and the industry you are a part of. Pathways School Gurgaon (PSG) is one of the leading IB schools [...]

Top Woman Achiever of 2022 : Priya Chhabra

PRIYA CHHABRA PHOTOGRAPHY, GURGAON Bizemag : Have you always been entrepreneur? When and how did the idea coined to set up your own business? Priya Chhabra  Yes, as a matter of fact I have been an entrepreneur, from the onset of my career. I started my career in the Ed Tech space. Quite different really from [...]

The new Universe- The Metaverse

by Dr Mythili Kolluru, Oman Summary: Technology has empowered the expression of thought and enabled richer world experiences. The digital environment is poised for incredible economic growth. It is expected to reach $2.5 trillion by 2030. Most technology giants envision it as the future of the internet. In this article, Dr. Mythili Kolluru reveals the [...]

Travel Destination – Las Vegas

If life gives you a hard time, maybe you should consider going to Vegas. Considered one of the most happening destinations across the globe, Las Vegas is undoubtedly the place to visit if you are looking for a break from your mundane life. Vegas is known across the world as a popular party destination. Flooded [...]

The Future of Money – Will Physical Money Disappear?

One of the biggest questions in front of the human civilization today is - whether physical money will disappear? In many countries, banknotes have already become relics. The irony is that We Chat and Alipay have completely taken over the markets of China, which is the birthplace of Paper Money. The reality is that, with [...]

The Risks and Challenges in Digital Payments/Money

Online payments were growing at a considerably high pace before the pandemic, but the pandemic has accelerated the growth rate largely. There has been a dramatic rise in the contactless payment modes as per the need of the hour. Across the Globe, more than 30 % of the total payments now happen online. The spike [...]

Overcoming The Working Woman Guilt: Kid’s Care vs. Career

By Dr Vaneeta Aggarwal How Do you manage to do all that by yourself? Whether you are a woman working in the corporate, private sector, or the centralized government sector. Whether owning a boutique or being a successful entrepreneur, if you are a woman and you have come far up the ladder of your professional [...]