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New Kinds of Funding

Branding and PR – How to boost your brand

By Dr Vaneeta Aggarwal There is a definite lack of clarity among business owners and common people when it comes to what connects and what disconnects marketing, branding, and PR. While recent developments have indeed blurred the dividing lines there is still a significant difference between them, especially between PR and branding. We will look [...]

New Kinds of Funding – A Detailed Study

By Aniket Aggarwal The Indian startup environment has made some amazing progress, with numerous tech new businesses opening up to the world and almost 42 organizations becoming unicorns in 2021. As per  Indian Tech Startup Funding Report 2021, Indian new companies brought $42 Billion up in financing across 1,583 arrangements in 2021, and 2,487 exceptional [...]

Agility – A Significant Trend for Sustainable Businesses

“Changes are always constant and unavoidable”. But the changes that have happened over the past two years rival witnessed in all parts of the global as a most evolutionary and transformative times. Business Agility took on significance in 2020. Organizations were exploring conditions not many might have anticipated. As the beginning of 2021 seems to [...]

ESG Integration in Venture Capital

The globe is rapidly evolving. Destructive tropical storms, drought, and rapidly spreading wildfires all through the United States over the most recent couple of years show the negative and strong impacts of environmental change while racial and orientation imbalance has pushed well established social and monetary issues into the common spotlight. On top, all things [...]

How To Manage Difficult People

By Dr Neeta Pant The greatest stress you go through when dealing with a difficult person is not fuelled by the words or actions of this person, it is fuelled by your mind that gives their words and actions importance. Do we all not continuously forced or expected to work alongside people who wewould prefer [...]