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The Relationship Balance Sheet and the Magic Box

Author - Dr. Paolo Gallo Right now, accountants and finance professionals are working around the clock to “close the books,” to finalize the balance sheets of their respective companies. Their numbers will be analysed and then approved by their board, scrutinized by the investors and – hopefully –audited as well. I must confess that I do the same: but wait, not with my (limited) finances but with my relationships. I call it the relationship balance [...]

How Business Owners Can Create a Diverse & Inclusive Organization

Author - Vaneeta Aggarwal Experts and almost everyone else almost unanimously agree that an inclusive and diverse workforce is in the interest of everyone concerned. Such an environment considers the efforts put in by all employees and, in many ways, mirror the demographic specifics for the available labour at any location. Things are, however, far from perfect, as the George Floyd death demonstrated in May 2020. Other than the tragedy itself, the incident also helped [...]

How To Stop Breaking Promises To Yourself???

Author - Dr. Neeta Pant don’t ever promise more than you can deliver, but always deliver more than you promise ~ Lou Holtz We all have been taught to keep our commitments and not to break our promises.  We  even go out of our ways to make sure we don’t let someone down, but we end up breaking promises to most often is... SELF? Isn’t it?  Ironical, but true!!! We break promises to ourself every day; [...]

Cybersecurity :

Recent Attacks, Insider Threats and Preventive Measures As technology continues its forward march, so do the methods and means adopted by cybercriminals. Unfortunately, in this tug-of-war, hackers and other cybercriminals seem to have the edge- always finding ways to bypass innovative security measures. 2012 has witnessed several serious data breaches and other types of cyberattacks. The victims include some of the biggest entities in the corporate and even military world. Let us discuss some of [...]


The workplace is no less than a place of worship for us. We spend a considerable amount of our lifetime at our workplace. Also, the question that elicits the maximum dilemma in us is - what to wear to work? The workplace is where we must create an impression of ourselves and our attire, which plays a significant role. Our dress and accessories play an essential role in defining our style statement and personality. The [...]

Influence OF Data Analytics on A Common Man’s DECISION-MAKING Capability

In today's world, data is everywhere, literally. So naturally, the numerous ways data affects our life increase by leaps and bounds along with that. More data is created daily than what we made every few years, only a few decades back. Experts refer to such vast amounts of data as Big Data. Big Data with Examples You must understand more than a bit about Big Data before realizing its omnipresence. According to figures unearthed by [...]