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Intelligent Assistance- AI is your Friend in Art and Crafts

There are plenty of ayes as well as nays when it comes to artificial intelligence in design. Experts have all sorts of opinions about using ai in design, in art and handicrafts. However, we must remember that as things stand today, only humans can create an authentic design. Human agency is necessary for the design to create context and feed the aesthetic needs of the populace. But that hasn't deterred researchers from bravely charting new [...]

The Challenge of Being Weird

The Challenge of Being Weird While it might be cool to be weird or being fashionable to be one among the elite society, the really weird people feel all of the pangs and pains of not being one with the crowd. For them, it serves only to add to life's burden, the "weirdness" exerting its price to the full, from social stigma to exploitation and abuse. And that is for the people who are still [...]

Befriending Ambiguity

By Dr NEETA PANT Learning to live with ambiguity is learning to live with how life really is; full of complexities and strange surprises. ~ James Hollis People generally ask me - “What skills or habits should I acquire to be successful ?”  Can there be a sure shot answer to this that fits one and all? Yes, without a blink, it would be - “Befriend Ambiguity.”  Believe me – That’s the MANTRA.  If one [...]

Significance of Digital Media in the New Normal

BY DR. VANEETA AGGARWAL A varied lot of industries and find digital media skills to be extremely helpful. Such popularity of a relatively new development is due to how digital media merges the two worlds of creativity and tech. Therefore, it is little wonder that professionals find it easier to get jobs if they are duly trained in digital media. Digital media has assumed a proportion in our times that is almost all-encompassing. From websites, [...]

Jaipur – The Pink City of India

Travel Diary The kaleidoscopic beauty and diversity of India make it difficult for tourists to choose a favorite destination. You practically have an array of different destinations and cities to choose from. From east to west, from north to south, the country has mesmerizing beauty and enthralling cultural glimpses.  If you love a bit of history on the plate and want to explore a rich cultural heritage, Jaipur - the pink city of Indi can [...]


The work-from-home culture has indeed brought about a shifting paradigm in office wear. Pre covid era had some really strict office wear decorum that almost lapsed during the covid phase work from home.  However, with the decline in the aggressiveness of the pandemic, some offices have resumed their previous work structure and also resorted to a hybrid model connecting both works from home and work from office culture. So, now is the ultimate time that [...]