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Wondering where to join the trending “Design Thinking Course”

Are you thinking of taking a Design Thinking course? These certifications and courses from leading universities and business leaders will help you master design thinking concepts and strategies while also allowing you to stand out from the crowd. Let’s start.

#1. Mastering Design Thinking – MIT Management Executive Education

If you want a more hands-on approach to learning and want to learn about design thinking. Then the three-month MIT Executive Education curriculum is for you. Start with the orientation module first. Following that, the teacher can review the fundamental skills and help you choose model specifications. After you’ve completed this first step, you can go on to designing experiments, models, and systems, as well as conducting financial analysis. 

#2. Design Thinking Certification for Innovation By Coursera

The University of Virginia developed this five-week course. It is customised to help you become a much more imaginative thinker and identify opportunities beforehand. It outlines the whole philosophy by reflecting on some of the most important design thinking issues.

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#3. Design Thinking Certification Program by Rochester Institute At edX

This six-week course from the Rochester Institute of Technology is designed to help you master one of today’s most in-demand skills. This micro masters training will go over all of the tools and approaches that design thinking can use to address challenges in an innovative, interactive, and empathic manner.

#4. Diploma in Innovation & Design Thinking By Columbia Business School

This self-paced postgrad diploma program will teach you the skills you’ll need to take design ideas from inspiration to ideation to execution, as well as the full spectrum of corporate creativity and strategy.

#5. Design Thinking & Innovation Management By IIM Kozhikode

This 5-month executive program, developed by professional academics at the IIM, Kozhikode, will help you cultivate the ability to push three principal triggers of strategic significance to every business: design innovation, product invention, and developing an innovative environment.

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