The Founder and Managing Director of Kalaari Capital unveiled the ‘CXXO State of Women Entrepreneurial Report 2023’ at SheSparks 2023. According to the report, much more work is a must to bring women’s entrepreneurship up to par and encourage women entrepreneurs.

Vani Kola, Founder and MD & CEO of Bengaluru-based Kalaari Capital. And a stalwart of the Indian startup eco-system unveiled the ‘CXXO State of Women Entrepreneurial Report 2023’ at SheSparks 2023.

According to the report, much more work is need to bring women’s entrepreneurship up to par. Women still account for 9% of VC funding, and women account for less than 1% of effective angel investors. Women-led startups receive only 1% of funding. And 15% of Indian technology companies have female co-founders—only 2 are led by female CEOs. “That has to change. In regard to establishing networks of teaching, and mentoring. And also access to development enablers, the ecosystem must be more inclusive of women entrepreneurs – Koli.

“That has to change. In regards to developing networks of studying, mentoring, and access to development enablers. Regardless, the ecosystem must be more inclusive of women entrepreneurs -Kol. “Investor’s support in this is the most important factor (43.4%) in enabling women’s entrepreneurship. With family, govt, peers, and others contributing 11.3%, 15.1%, 11.3%, and 18.9%, respectively,” according to the report.

Kola emphasized the importance of enabling more female entrepreneurs to succeed.

“There are numerous small actions that can be taken at all levels to increase women’s participation in our new start-up eco-system and leadership positions. Organizations and individuals must play various roles and make various contributions. The position of policy initiatives that are sociable to female employees, as well as how we pertain the gender lens, is also important. “But I think you’ll have to do the tough walk and smart graft yourself,” Kola added.

Women Entrepreneurs Financial Literacy

When it came to women’s financial literacy, Kola also noted a discrepancy. She also tells, that women entrepreneurs have an unsettling, uncomfortable relationship with money, which manifests itself in various ways, such as when they are asked about remuneration during board meetings. In contrast to their male colleagues, a number of considerations are at play when women entrepreneurs negotiate equity or pitch their business proposals. The VC highlighted that about 80% of women must defend their financial decisions.

Most people also neglect to manage their personal finances. Kola chuckled, “Me too; I didn’t use to just because, as we say, many doctors don’t look after their own health, the cobbler will not really start taking care of his shoes, so venture capital firms aren’t otherwise. Whether adjustments in our everyday lives can cause a larger transformation, however, remains the fundamental question. What might be done more effectively to encourage women entrepreneur to begin their lives with more positive examples in society?

“It requires discipline and consistency. It’s the main thing, “Kola answered. The investor emphasized the need to find inspiration anywhere we can and the value of having a lifelong sense of meaning. It has nothing to do with being in a position of life, achievement, prominence, or even age, she continued. “I gain inspiration from a variety of women who I meet casually, or are vital aspects of my life, for the instance that they serve,” she said.

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