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The Covid-19 pandemic has proved that strong cooperation between all the nations is a necessacity to address the current and upcoming health crisis. Cooperation is not only necessary for the pandemic but also for other worldwide issues and environmental changes.

Rome Declaration In The Global Health Summit

The Rome Declaration was organised on 21st May 2021 by the European Commission and G20 president from Italy at Villa Pamphili, Rome.

This was a Global Health Summit where various commitments were made for quick recovery from the pandemic and enhanced cooperation between all the nations.

All the participants of this Global Health Summit agreed that the virus could continue to spread across the nations in different forms, and even the most successful vaccines can be unsuccessful. Hence there will be no restrictions on the raw materials, vaccine production and transportation among the nations.

Pledges Taken In This Global Health Summit

Global Health Summit Italy has announced a pledge of 300 million Euros for the Covid-19 vaccine production and availability. Italy has also taken the pledge of 200 million Euros for resolving the severe climatic conditions issues in the nearby low-income countries.

These pledges were based on the ‘’One Health’’ principle, where the objective is to evaluate the present and upcoming risks to humans, animals, and our mother earth.

All the nations are ready to fund the WHO for enhanced functioning and addressing the upcoming hazards quickly. It has become necessary for all countries to quickly take all the safety measures for eliminating this virus permanently.

The participants will also fund the J&J, Pfizer, and Moderna to boost vaccine production and generate over 1 billion doses without incurring profits.

As per the G2O Presidency, Italy is ready to push the limits and develop some effective ideas and measures for addressing the current and upcoming health risks on a non-profit basis.

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