Due to rising demand from the cold weather and EDF, the state-controlled nuclear company, France is preparing for potential power outages in the coming days.

With its fleet of 56 reactors, France is one of the nuclear-powered nations in the world, typically producing over 70% of its electricity and contributing 15% of all the power used in Europe through exports.

However, EDF has been forced to shut down a record number of its outdated reactors this year for maintenance at a time when Europe is having trouble adjusting to decreases in Russian natural gas supplies used to generate electricity.

The result has been a 30-year low in France’s nuclear output, forcing the country to import electricity and make preparations for potential blackouts as a cold snap drives up demand for heating.

The fact that some of EDF’s reactors have experienced what is known as stress corrosion on their pipes this year has caused far more maintenance outages than usual.

Since finding cracks in the welding connecting pipes in one reactor at the end of last year, EDF is currently inspecting and making repairs across its fleet at the request of France’s nuclear safety watchdog.

There is very little spare capacity to meet demand while reactors are offline for maintenance due to years of underinvestment in the nuclear sector.

France also lacks enough skilled workers, such as welders and other workers, to complete repairs quickly enough to bring reactors back online.

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