Hunter Biden: A look at the legal, personal troubles of the US President’s son

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has frequently been in the media spotlight, not for his achievements, but for his numerous legal and personal issues that have repeatedly surfaced over the years. From substance abuse problems to dubious business dealings, his ordeal has been a controversial topic of discussion and a source of scrutiny for the Biden administration.Embroiled in controversy, Hunter has been an ongoing subject of various investigations and legal inquiries. Notably, his business affairs in Ukraine and China have raised eyebrows, with allegations of profiting from his father’s political influence. Currently, he is under investigation by the Justice Department over his tax affairs. The probe started in 2018, involves checking into his business activities in foreign countries, primarily China, and his potential non-compliance with tax laws.Hunter’s personal life has also been riddled with troubles. He has openly admitted to battling drug addiction and alcoholism, and his struggles with substance abuse have been well-documented. In a memoir released in April 2021, “Beautiful Things,” he described his struggles in raw detail, providing an insight into his fight against addiction. Famously, he was discharged from the Navy Reserve in 2014 after testing positive for cocaine.In addition to his struggles with substance abuse, Biden has faced marital issues. His first marriage ended in a divorce, and he was involved in a paternity lawsuit, which confirmed he was the father of a child born out of wedlock. Moreover, his relationship with his late brother’s widow has also been a source of controversy.Despite all of these, President Biden has regularly expressed support for his son, referring to Hunter as “the smartest man I know.”Hunter Biden’s story is complex and filled with legal setbacks and personal tragedies. Greater than the scandals and turmoil, it’s a testament to ongoing battles with addiction, the relentless scrutinies faced by political families, and the stark duality that lies at the intersection of public image and personal reality, a narrative all too familiar in American politics.

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