Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, India has seen a lot of crisis in various sectors and that has affected the livelihoods which is beyond any explanation. Besides, struggling with a crumbling healthcare infrastructure that has resulted in the loss of many lives, the country has seen a spike in the number of cyber attacks this year as well as in 2020.

The most shocking incident happened recently where a company as big as Air India, Domino’s India and many others suffered a massive data breach which led to the leak of sensitive details of people unaware of the matter. The data was put up for sale on the dark web.

The data of more than 45 lakh users of global airlines including Air India were leaked on May 21. Besides that, Domino’s India for the second time witnessed a data leak of more than 18 crore orders. 

Internationally, Microsoft has issued a warning against an ongoing “sophisticated” attack from Russia-based threat actors targeting government agencies, think tanks, consultants, NGOs and its customers across the globe.

Even last year, there were several cyber attacks that rattled the company’s business and data. Few examples of such companies are Haldiram, WhiteHatJr, and many others. 

The primary reason behind the surge in cyber attacks, phishing attacks and data leak is the rapid change in work environment and vulnerable IT infrastructure. A lot of people back then didn’t realise that this kind of attacks are going to rise amid pandemic.

Many surveys also suggested that Indian companies were a clear victim of cyber attacks in the past one year with several security lapses and lack of good investment in IT infrastructure.

Globally, India stands at the second position when it comes to the rise in cyber attacks after the US, according to several reports.