Indian visa service in Canada shut down: what happens now?

The Indian High Commission in Canada announced an unexpected shutdown of all visa services, throwing the travel plans of many into disarray. This unexpected move has left scores of people in a dilemma about their pending visa applications and future travel plans to India. While the officials cited operational reasons behind this sudden interruption, no clear indication has been given as to when the services will resume.

This sudden shutdown has surprised thousands of Canadian citizens of Indian origin who had plans to visit India. In addition, many Canadian businesses that have been frequently traveling to India were caught off guard. The fallout from this unexpected shutdown is expected to be significant as the volume of travel between India and Canada is considerable.

Concerns have been raised over the fate of pending visa applications, and the impact it would have on those planning imminent travel to India for either business or personal reasons. Thousands of applications are currently stuck in the pipeline with no clarity over their future. Specific terms and processes for refunds, if applicable, are equally uncertain, creating a climate of angst and confusion among applicants.

The closure of visa services has implications for sectors ranging from education to business. Several students expecting to start or continue their education in Indian institutions are apprehensive over the delays. Similarly, businesses with operations or partnerships in India foresee potential disruptions.

The shutdown underscores the need for digitalized and unaffected visa processing solutions, which have been discussed in visa immigration policy circles for a few years. While options like e-visas and visa-on-arrival exist for certain countries, Canada currently does not have these facilities for travel to India.

As of now, applicants are awaiting further communication from the High Commission for clarification on the situation. Despite the uncertainty caused by the shutdown, it’s crucial to note that the announcement pertains only to visa services. All other consular services by the Indian High Commission in Canada continue to remain active.

Until the situation normalizes, those affected will have to explore alternatives, which could include postponing travel or utilizing the services of other Indian consulates, if feasible. In these challenging times, patience and adaptability will be crucial.

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