Issue: August 2022

The Indian Rupee hits a record low. The Indian currency dropped to a massive all-time record low of 80.05 against 1 US dollar. You will now have to pay more for your mobile phones and save even more for holidays abroad.

This is the most massive fall of the rupee against UD dollars. Since 2014, the Indian Rupee worth has declined by more than 25%. Here are some crucial updates you need to know about the rupee depreciation value.

Some of the vital reasons for this fall are:

● Prolonged inflation is being attributed to the economic crisis raised by COVID 19.

● The second vital reason for this fall is the Russia-Ukraine war. There is massive disruption of the supply chains.

● Multiple foreign investors have pulled out of India, weakening the country’s foreign portfolio. The core reason behind this is – rising interest rates in the USA as compared to the Indian market.

You might be thinking – how will all these complex matters affect you as a commoner? Well, the answer is that – the gas and fuel you buy will get more expensive. The raw materials needed for car building will get expensive, leading to a rise in vehicle cost, and most importantly – everyday use items such as sunflower oils will get expensive. for any feedback