Issue: Jan 2022

Business Strategy E-magazine Jan 2022, Issue 19
Wishing You a Very Happy New Year – bringing a hope of healthy and clean world !!
The global issue of cybersecurity is covered in the new year issue while Dr. Paolo Gallo gives an insight into different kinds of relations at work-place, an interesting take on relationship balance sheet and the magic box of life.
Dr. Neeta Pant explores the topic of how not to break promises we make often at different occasions.
Diversity & Inclusion are significant factors for a healthy work-place and I have tried to give some exclusive pointers on how to create one for start-up businesses.
Data Analytics as the popular career choice and its significance in the in-dustry for businesses and a lifestyle article on business wear are present-ed.

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Cybersecurity :

Recent Attacks, Insider Threats and Preventive Measures As technology continues its forward march, so do the methods and means adopted…