Issue: May 2022

Is it only the men who hold guns to fight the war? The answer is No. Men and women alike have to face the severe consequences of war. No one can escape the devastating impact of armed conflicts. At the same time, social media may be flooded with men fighting with each other to win the wars, visuals of mothers, wives, and daughters bidding farewell to their sons, husbands, and father who are going to the war.

The collapse of the social network threatens the security and safety of girls and women of almost every age and every societal tier. Women and Wars have an integral connection. It is impressive to witness how women have stepped forward from the back foot over the years, taking active roles in ending wars and promoting peace. Let’s pray and come forward to create an ecosystem to support the women in war-stricken zone.

In this issue, we welcome and represent five top women entrepreneurs who have shown the world the mettle of persistence and a zest to thrive despite the hurdles and proven their talents.

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Taruna Sharma

Founder of Tarunaie Creations Top Woman Entrepreneur of 2022 “Design is intelligence made visible “ – Alina Wheeler, author” Taruna…