Issue: October 2021

The beginning month of Autumn 2021 – September brought a bit of relief from long spell of Covid 19 wave. World starts to open its arms slowly into fearless streets and offices.

While SpaceX took off 4 tourists to the space, the topic of Aliens and UFOs stirred around the power corridors. What if they actually make a first contact? How would the business and economy be affected? ThisĀ  is the content of the first featured article of the issue.

John Spence , one of the top 50 thought leaders & executive coaches writes about the best possible strategy to be opted by corporate leaders to revive from Covid crisis. Paolo Gallo gives us another inspirational article on dare to learn new normal. Leonard Kanime elaborates investments into sports as a business option in Namibia.

Dr. Neeta Pant explains the strategy to unlock an abundant mind that enables the release of maximum power as a person and as a professional. I have penned an article on women empowerment through different models.

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