Jolted by a mutiny, how Putin is working the crowds

In a surprising turn of events, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been seen engaging with the public in a manner that is uncharacteristic of his usual demeanor. This change in behavior comes in the wake of an attempted mutiny by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a mercenary tycoon, on June 24, 2023. The failed coup seems to have prompted Putin to reassess his approach to politics and public relations.
Putin, who had previously maintained a significant distance from the public during the pandemic, is now actively participating in public events and interacting with citizens. He was recently seen amidst a crowd of enthusiastic supporters in Dagestan, lifting a young girl onto his hip in Kronstadt, and posing with a family of seven siblings after a naval parade. These actions are seen as a clear attempt to demonstrate that his years of isolation due to the pandemic are over and that he still enjoys strong public support despite the ongoing war in Ukraine and the recent mutiny.
This shift in Putin’s behavior is noteworthy, considering his previous insistence on extreme seclusion. During the height of the pandemic, he required visiting leaders to sit at opposite ends of large tables and mandated quarantine periods of up to two weeks for those wishing to meet him. However, the recent public appearances suggest a strategic move to reassure his supporters and the international community of his political stability and control.
As of today, August 6, 2023, Putin continues to navigate the political landscape with renewed vigor, seemingly undeterred by the challenges posed by the war in Ukraine and internal dissent. His new approach to public engagement marks a significant shift in his leadership style, reflecting his adaptability in the face of adversity.

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