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Moment Marketing: The perfect Timing, a marketing strategy that focuses on connecting a company with its clients at the crucial moment when they are already searching for a solution to an issue that your brand or company can help them with. Moment marketing is a word that is frequently used in digital marketing and advertising nowadays. This idea is being tested by businesses in many ways, and it has proven to be one of the most successful marketing strategies for a number of firms. Moment marketing is also used effectively by companies like Netflix and Burger King. It is the technique of using an event or a current issue to a brand’s advantage in order to offer pertinent and related content. Brands are able to sell themselves by integrating themselves into current events. The secret is to sometimes be funny and pertinent. Additionally, it’s critical to exercise political correctness and avoid offending any groups or individuals.

Fevicol campaign on Ronaldo Coca-Cola Issue

When it comes to reaching the public or certain demographics, moment marketing isn’t that challenging. Simply be aware of the current and upcoming trends within your target audience and hunt for the ideal opportunity to capitalize on them.

Just one second and some outstanding content that connects with your audience and conveys your brand value will do. If they share their opinions on a trend in a particular way, people are more inclined to interact with a brand. If your content is strong but you can’t convince the audience of your position, you’ll go viral and engagement will soar. People have a short attention span, making it difficult for them to engage with your business. The most amazing technique to get beyond this barrier is via moment marketing.

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Unfortunately, many marketers find it challenging to modify their current methods to keep up with these fast-paced times as the paradigms for effective engagement continue to change. Many marketers continue to interact with customers in silos and throughout a fragmented customer journey. In this age of “moment marketing,” marketers must be able to match messages to specific touchpoints while also being aware of where and when customers are interacting with brands. Some cases in which brands used this strategy:

Assam Police using Trending Meme as Moment Marketing
Assam Police using Trending Meme as Moment Marketing

Everyone is utilizing the most recent trends to communicate with their clients, from Netflix to Burger King to Assam Police and Mumbai Police. Moment Marketing has gained popularity, and many firms have begun to test it out. And the explanation is really straightforward, it allowed them to rapidly and affordably reach their target audience.

Another Case is of Nature’s Basket : While staying at the five-star hotel, Rahul Bose requested two bananas from room service. But he had a surprise when the bill showed up. Bose was charged Rs 442.50 by the hotel for the two bananas he had requested. This incident was used by many brands as a moment marketing campaign which was quite popular and funny.

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Nature's Basket using Rahul Bose case reference for its campaign
Nature’s Basket using Rahul Bose case reference for its campaign

Same kind of tactics was once followed by Protinex:

Game of Thrones, which was a popular show of last decade had a very famous dialogue “There is only one god, and His name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: ‘not today’,” master sword-fighter Syrio Forel had said to Arya during her training. This dialogue was used widely by brands as moment marketing campaigns.

Protinex using GOT reference to advertise its product
Protinex using GOT reference to advertise its product
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