Amit Narang as Keynote Speaker at Bizemag Leadership Summit and Awards
Amit Narang at Bizemag Leadership Summit and Awards

On September 9, Bizemag Media honored brilliance and new business ideas with Bizemag Leadership Summit and Awards 2022. To Acknowledge, Recognize and Facilitate veteran business owners, while providing an opportunity to learn and grow with their experience

On the fortunate occasion, There were several dignitaries, business experts, and great industry leaders which made the event Powerful. All of them are experts in their respective fields. There were a number of excellent investors looking for their next venture. The room was filled with talented startup founders pitching their ideas in front of Investors seeking investments for their Ideas.


Paymart India’s Founder & CEO Amit Narang honored the event with his presence.

Amit Narang is a Post Graduate in commerce and MBA with specialization in Finance.PayMart is Amit’s second business. For nearly 30 years, he worked for Paul Merchants, Foreign Exchange Western Union, and other financial service companies before venturing out on his own in 2013 with service startup FX Mart Pvt Ltd.A serial entrepreneur with thirty years of experience in the financial sector, with expertise in e-wallets, digital transactions, foreign exchange, remittances, deposits, insurance merchants networks, and currently virtual ATMs.He spent 23 years of his 30 years of experience in senior positions with reputable companies. During his 7-year entrepreneurial career, his first startup, FX Mart, was acquired by Flipkart in 2015-16 and is now rebranded as Phone Pe.

Amit Narang presenting at Bizemag Leadership Summit and Awards
Amit Narang at Bizemag Leadership Summit and Awards

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