Netflix is exploring gaming industry and has made an offer to buy publicly traded Finnish Next Games, according to a statement issued by the mobile games business on Wednesday.

“We are thrilled for Next Games to join Netflix as a core studio in a strategic region and major talent market, strengthening our internal game studio capabilities,” stated Michael Verdu, Netflix’s Vice President of Games.

Next Games’ stock soared 119 percent to 2.04 euros.

Following its entry into the mobile gaming industry in November, Netflix is now preparing to invest 65 million euros ($72.08 million) in Next Games, an offer recommended by the mobile game company’s board of directors, according to a statement.

The offer implies a price of 2.1 euros per share, which is more than double the share’s closing price of 0.93 euros on the Nordic First North stock exchange on Tuesday.

The firms expect the transaction to be completed by the end of June.