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All of us are familiar with that feeling of an ad halting our attention while scrolling through the feeds of a particular social media platform. Social Media buying comes into the picture when you start to wonder the who’s and how’s of the creation of the ad.

What Is Social Media Buying?

In simple terms, social media buying refers to the process through which agencies buy social media ads for their respective clients. When it is an agency that does all this work, business owners can be sure that it will use the most suitable social media channel for reaching out to the target market. While different ad campaigns on social media vary in terms of content but the basic structure in placed do not change.

The basic purpose behind social media buying is to optimize the ad delivery process. To achieve this, minute attention is given to the two following characteristics

  • The right time and place
  • Proper context

When this hits the mark, the ads become relevant for the target market and that in turn boosts marketing objectives like sales, conversions, and greater brand awareness. In short successful media buying leads to higher traffic and bring more customers to your fold.

What Is Social Media Analytics?

When marketing and other people talk about social media analytics, they are talking about the collection of data from social media platforms and getting insights that help to boost the effectiveness of social media campaigns. Some of the technologies marketers use to accumulate such data are:

  • Big Data
  • Data mining
  • Data analytics

Every day more marketers are relying on data to make critical decisions about marketing campaigns. Doing so, enhances performance of the latter. It is through data that a marketer comes to know what is working and what is not in their ad campaign content and in the strategy behind it. The three key cornerstones of such analysis are

  • Conversion
  • Engagement
  • Outreach

The instrument that measures the success of social media campaigns varies from channel to channel. Likes on the Facebook platform reveals engagement while the clicks on LinkedIn posts are the conversions. When you analyse these indicators, you can not only measure how well your content is performing but also tweak your future efforts so that it performs better. Similarly, analysing competitors that are performing better in their social media campaigns, will help marketing teams better their own efforts.

Social media analytics has now become an indispensable tool to marketers for tracking, measuring, and analysing social media campaign performance. Social analytics ensures that campaign performance is in line with marketing goals and that there is adequate ROI from the investment in the campaigns.

The insights marketers derive from social media analytics works on two basic levels:

  • Particular social media channel


  • All-round data collection from all relevant social networks.

Social Media Buying and Analytics

Well, to sum up we can say that social media buying and analytics are two important pillars of a successful social media marketing effort!

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