Covid 19 crisis and multiple incidents of deaths due to lack of Oxygen supply enforced increased production (IN)

Domestic steel industry produced 3,474 metric tonne of liquid medical oxygen (LMO) on Saturday, higher than its daily production capacity to meet the shortage of the life-saving gas being used in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Steel on Sunday, there are 33 oxygen plants in the Indian steel sector, of which 29 are tapped regularly.

The total daily oxygen production capacity of steel plants is 2,834 metric tonne (MT). The production of LMO is 3,474 MT as reported on April 24, 2021, the statement said.

‘This is higher than the LMO production capacity because most units have reduced the production of Nitrogen and Argon and only producing LMO. With all these efforts, 2,894 tonnes were dispatched to different states on April 24 by public and private steel plants as against 1500/1700 tonne/day a week earlier,’ it said.

The ministry further said all efforts are being made by the industry to enhance the production of LMO and dispensing the same.

All oxygen plants whether in private or public are working 24×7 and dispensing oxygen, it said adding steel plants are filling oxygen cylinders and supplying to the states/hospitals directly.

In. separate statement from PMO, 551 PSA Oxygen Generation Plants to be set up in public health facilities across the country through PM CARES.

Oxygen Generation Plants to be set in Government hospitals in district head-quarters across the country. These plants are to be made functional as soon as possible and will ensure uninterrupted supply of oxygen in hospitals at district head-quarters

source : PTI