Education Magazines have a great educative value, and helps in encouraging the students to think, and write or thus help them in developing their writing skills, and talent. This also helps you to develop their power of thinking, and strengthen their imagination as well. 

The top 10 Education Magazines in India 2022 are as follows-

  • BizeMag 

BizeMag is the best Education magazine that aims to bring students, coaches, experts & professionals from around the globe to share their brand stories. This focuses on Corporate Governance. Some of the best international professionals, and entrepreneurs voluntarily provide with informative management & leadership skills, entrepreneur’s choices, career resources & more that you might need to succeed. 

The main motive of this digital media combo is to motivate young graduates, executives, and entrepreneurs to lead a start-up & write a success story of their own in future. The audience comes from more than 80 countries to watch & listen to successful business persons as they share their insights, and showcase their innovative products or services. 

  • TEACH Magazine

Teach Magazine offers pragmatic tools, and resources to educators everywhere. This stands as an open forum for discussion supporting good teachers, and teaching while promoting innovation in education. 

  • The Knowledge Review Magazine

The Knowledge Review is an international educational magazine that offers news, blogs, articles, and courses from the best universities. This gives a broad view of the vast education sector from the point of view of a student, educator, and a university. This is the global education magazine providing knowledge, news, blogs, articles for students, and learning technologies. 

  • The Language Magazine

Language Magazine is a monthly publication that provides cutting-edge information for language learners, educators, and professionals around the world. This explores, and focuses on dual language, and bilingual education programs, and the state of literacy in the U.S. & abroad. 

  • The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Business India is India’s first, and foremost business magazine. This is celebrated for its authority, and credibility, for its ability to look into the future, for its in depth analysis, and for its wide range of coverage. This offers homeschoolers a variety of resources, and encouragement, as well as ways to learn about the latest, and greatest educational resources out there. 

  • Teacher Magazine 

Teacher Magazine delivers pragmatic tools, and resources to k-12 educators everywhere. TEACH stands as an open forum for discussion supporting good teachers, and teaching while promoting innovation in education. 

  • Independent Education Today

Independent Education Today is the best & free subscription-only monthly magazine that specializes in private sector education. This features the latest news, opinion, features, and event reviews from across the Independent education sector. 

  • Education Matters Magazine 

Education Matters is known to be the bi-monthly magazine. This propagates the efforts put in, and disseminates the significance of education, skill development, and research for the creation of a favorable environment that leads to the overall development of the student community. 

  • Campus Magazine

Time Magazine is one of the most authoritative, and informative guides to what is happening in current affairs, politics, business, health, science, and entertainment. This sets the agenda, and explores ideas providing a roadmap for the future. This provides access to the most influential people impacting the world today. 

  • Education Brainiac

The CEO Magazine is more than a premier business title, and a source of information, inspiration, and motivation for the world’s most successful leaders, executives, investors, and entrepreneurs.

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