Top HR Professionals 2022

Human Resources specialists recruit, screen, and interview job applicants & place newly hired workers in jobs. They also may handle compensation & benefits, training, and employee relations. There is & will continue to be the creation, and diversification of HR job roles. There will be a need for specialists in areas of data analysis, benefits creation, remote work development, and strategy building, etc. An effective HR pro has a unique balance of compassion, technological know-how, business acumen, & legal knowledge. With these traits, an HR professional can facilitate better decision-making, and influence an organization’s key decision-makers. 

These leaders should focus on the organization’s internal culture, and readiness, and capacity for change yet remain constantly aware of the broader human ecosystem & the markets from which they draw talent. 

Let’s discuss the top Human Resources Professionals, and keynote speakers in Global HR Virtual Summit of 2022

George Kemish

United Kingdom

George Kemish is the founder of Specialist Human Resources Ltd. as HR & Business Consultants. They carry out a wealth of research & development & utilize the findings to help organizations leverage the ‘right’ strategies, capabilities, structure, and culture required to encourage the collaboration, innovation, and creativity needed for organizational growth. There services includes Organizational Design, Organizational Restructuring, Business Expansion, Mergers & Acquisitions (HR Aspects), Projects Planning & Change Management, Succession Planning, Induction Training & Employee Engagement, Staffing Reviews & Skills Audits, Equality & Diversity Training, HR Audits, Identification & Mapping of the Value Chain-including Inter-Departmental Interactions, etc. George is interactive and always supportive in HR functions for comanies and enntrepreneurs, hence he earned first place as top Human Resource professional of 2022.

In addition, they support Business Scenario Planning in times of uncertainty, ambiguity, and turbulence. With Employment Judges taking a keen interest in the quality, and frequency of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training when cases of discrimination, harassment, and victimisation are brought before them. 

Paolo Gallo

(Switzerland / Italy)

Paolo Gallo is the Chief Human Resources Officer, World Economic Forum since April 2014. This is the latest chapter in a career in leadership, human resources, and international organizations that spans 70 countries. Prior to joining the Forum, Paolo Gallo was Chief Learning Officer at the World Bank in Washington DC, and for 6 years Director of Human Resources at EBRD in London. Before that, Paolo Gallo designed, and implemented a consulting service at International Finance Corporation in Washington DC as senior adviser on organizational, and leadership development providing advice on corporate restructuring, and leadership to the World Bank external clients. Paolo Gallo is also the keynote speaker at the Global HR Virtual SummitPaolo truly deserves to be among top Human Resource professional of 2022.

Dr Wayne Brockbank

(United States)

Joseph Wayne Brockbank’s research works as the relationship of human resource strategies & practices with business performance, competencies of human resource professionals, linkage between human resource practices & business strategies, processes for defining, and practices for creating competitive corporate cultures, information dissemination & responsiveness to turbulence in the business environment, accelerating the pace of change through institutional practices. Dr Wayne Brockbank is also the keynote speaker at the Global HR Virtual Summit. He is truly a top Human Resource professional of 2022.

Sile O’donnell


Sile O’ donnell is passionate about facilitating, and empowering people, and organizations in the public sector to develop their potential, and effectiveness. They have an exceptional record of achievements in HRM, and Organization Development in a range of public sector organizations over the past 27 years, including numerous HR Director, consultancy, research, training, and lecturing roles. Sile O’ donnell is also the keynote speaker at the Global HR Virtual Summit. 

Nicolas Behbahani


Nicolas Behbahani has a strong computer science background, and experience in Data Science. They have the responsibility for the development of the HR Data Strategy aligned with the HRIS function priorities. He provides data analysis as a valuable asset to help leaders discover insights, and make better, data-driven decisions to advance the organization. He is also in charge of the HR innovation part by being the project manager of the AI projects. This manages a Team of People Analytics Analysts & DataScientists. He has an engineering degree in mathematics, and a medal from the National Conservatory of Arta, and Crafts in Paris.  Nicolas Behbahani is also the keynote speaker at the Global HR Virtual Summit. 

Anshula Verma


Anshula Verma is an entrepreneur & the Founder & Creator of “HappyFitYou”. She teaches the art of being happy, positive thinking, fit living, work life management, living a stress free life, and the list goes on. She gives the art of being happy, positive thinking, fit living, work life management, living a stress free life, and the list goes on. 

Anshula Verma is one of the 25 eminent people chosen from diverse backgrounds like business, education, and health to politics, arts, and entrepreneurship volunteering, and personally mentoring 4 girls each from tribal communities across the above priority states. Anshula Verma is also the keynote speaker at the Global HR Virtual Summit. 

Caroline Foster

(United Kingdom)

Caroline Foster is a HR Director\ CPO\ CHRO\ International Transformation Leader. They have significant expertise as a transformation expert & human resources leader. Team allows to build revenue in high growth environments, and reduce people costs exponentially. The 11 years in multinational global roles with extensive travel across APAC, EMEA, and Americans, and 9 years as main board CHRO\ CPO\ Group HR Director in FTSE, Fortune 500, SMEs, and private equity backed organizations. Extensive exposure to UK Trade Unions & European Works Councils Leading negotiations at national level. A strong moral compass, and a leadership style that is focused on ethics, commerciality, results, pace, creativity, and authenticity.  Caroline Foster is also the keynote speaker at the Global HR Virtual Summit. 

Dr Jerry Gule

(South Africa)

Dr Jerry Gule is the Chief Executive Officer at Institute of People Management (IPM). Business Executive with academic background, and vast experience in human resources management & development. The academic experience involves lecturing, training, conducting field research & writing reports. Ability to lead & manage professional teams covering the different spectrum of human capital management & consulting services. Well experienced in managing the goods, and services supply value chain within a large commercial enterprise. Well-developed skills for managing meetings at Board & Committees level. A lead independent Non-executive director with well-developed insights into effective organizational development, and transformation processes to enable a company to have traction in such areas as employment equity, diversity, and intercultural dynamics management, leadership, and management development, performance management as well as business coaching, and mentoring programmes. Dr Jerry Gule also the keynote speaker at the Global HR Virtual Summit.