Travel Magazines are one avenue for gaining information about travel. However, in a review of literature, no clear explanation exists as to how or if subscribers, and frequent readers of travel magazines are using these publications as part of their travel research. This has the way of transporting the reader to new places. It can inspire others to explore to experience new things, and gain an appreciation of different cultures. 

Let’s discuss the top travel Magazines that are organized by BizeMag Media. 

  • BizeMag 

BizeMag is the best magazine that has all the records of ethical business with its finance condition. This ensures their reader with all the necessary upgrades to challenger tomorrow. This takes its readers deeper to give a complete understanding of the world of business. This magazine delivers the latest and latest and relevant information for independent-minded, adventurous travelers interested in local cultures, wildlife, and activities. 

  • National Geographic Traveler

National Geographic Traveler India is the Indian edition of National Geographic Traveler (USA) the travel magazine of the National Geographic Society. At National Geographic Traveler India, bring together travel & culture, travel, and experience, travel, and storytelling. This tries to bring variety to the experience of travel, inspiring all kinds of journeys from sedentary to super-active ones. 

  • Travel+Leisure India

Travel+Leisure offers insider access to destinations around the globe with a signature mix of smart advice, immersive photography, and expert reporting on hotels, food, design, style, culture, and trends. 

  • Lonely Planet, India 

Lonely Planet India is the most relevant, up-to-date advice. This includes color maps, and images throughout highlights, and itineraries that help to tailor any trip. This is a leading travel guidebook brand, providing both inspiring, and trustworthy information for every kind of traveler since 1973. Reader will also get on online content that includes video, 14 languages, 12 international magazines, armchair, and lifestyle books, and many more. 

  • Outlook Traveller 

Outlook Traveler is a mine of information, keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends in travel, and tourism. For those who prefer to travel in their armchair, it lays out a sensual feast. Postcard pretty visuals, practical advice, and atmospheric travel experiences make Outlook Traveler an engrossing, and refreshing read. 

  • Discover India

Discover India, India’s premium travel, and culture magazine launched in 1988 by Media Transasia India Ltd in active cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, with a view to cater primarily to the inbound tourist. This is a beautifully presented glossy monthly, widely circulated. 

  • Go Now Magazine

Go Now Magazine covers travel, and tourism in distinct verticals, such as business & leisure destinations, medical hubs, MICE facilities, new developments in airlines, and airports. This is a B2C magazine with a difference, having created a niche for itself over its 13 years of publication, interpreting travel, and hospitality news for the larger good of the industry. 

  • Spice Route

Spice route is one of the best books for travel magazines that encompasses a wide variety of subjects like travel, lifestyle, fashion, food, films, culture, and spirituality. 

  • Today’s Traveller

Today’s Traveler offers the most relevant, and consumer-sensitive travel magazine with availability on the stands countrywide targeting both the inbound & outbound traveler. 

  • Wanderlust India

Wanderlust is the world’s leading magazine for independent-minded, adventurous travelers interested in local cultures, wildlife, and activities. This combined the first-hand stories by acclaimed travel writers with beautiful photography, and in-depth advice, so you can plan your own authentic adventures. 

By Bizemag Media

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