Interactive Marketing

What is Interactive Marketing?

In the marketing profession, there is a marketing strategy known as interactive marketing, sometimes known as trigger-based or event-driven marketing. This style of marketing incorporates two-way communication, allowing customers to communicate with the firm directly.

Past few years it has been done through online formats like Blogs, Social media, Email marketing, etc. Through this consumers can directly connect with the company by commenting or sharing on social media. 

Social media is the main aspect of this strategy. Through social media, it can generate leads that will be converted into customers. It is also linked to content marketing which seems to be very similar. Just like content marketing, content is created for consumers. So when an audience likes relevant content shared by consumers, it becomes interactive marketing.


Types of interactive marketing:

Loom using interactive marketing
Loom using Customer Reviews as Interactive Marketing

Creating Personalized Content

Making personalized content is the most trending and effective ways of interactive marketing strategy. Companies use different ways of social media to promote their business with personalized content. Adding a personal touch provides the sense that you are communicating directly to them, from greeting consumers by name in an email to curating particular advertising aimed at their individual requirements.

Fantastic outcomes can be achieved by presenting the correct material to the client at the right moment. While a customer who is having trouble deploying your product might not find an instructional film useful, someone who is in the research stage could. The most memorable encounters for your consumers may be made when you are as knowledgeable as you can be about them personally. When the material is adequately tailored, customers will relate to it more deeply and be more likely to interact with it by sharing it.

Using Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy. It is still considered as one of the oldest forms of marketing. A correct form of email marketing can convert prospects into customers and make them stick to your business. Additionally, it can be employed to persuade your email list to take a particular action, like buy something, arrange a demo, register for a trial, or sign up for an event.

You will see a higher conversion rate for your e-Commerce with engaging content. Engage with the appropriate resources to engage with your consumers and learn from their input. When a triggering event occurs, such as an abandoned shopping cart or a return visit to your website, you may have email messages ready to send. Let the customer know you appreciate their interest in your company and provide them with some relevant information or an incentive to make the sale.

Amazon using interactive marketing
Amazon using Quizes and Games as Interactive Marketing