Email marketing

Surely you have seen these types of emails in your inbox from different companies promoting or informing you about their special offers and new product launch.
This form of marketing is known as email marketing.

Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy. It is still considered as one of the oldest forms of marketing. A correct form of email marketing can convert prospects into customers and make them stick to your business. Additionally, it can be employed to persuade your email list to take a particular action, like buy something, arrange a demo, register for a trial, or sign up for an event.

There are different types of email marketing:

Amazon email marketing
Amazon using Promotional Email Marketing

Promotional email marketing

This is the most commonly used email marketing technique used by most of the companies to promote their offers or new product release.

A promotional email consists of a short description of the offer or the product and then a CTA(Call to Action) button. Convincing customers to buy is the primary objective of this kind of email marketing.

These email campaigns are run during big offers running on the website. Depending on your particular business, the type of conversion will vary, but the most typical conversion is the purchase of a good or service. The recipient might feel pressured to act right away because the promotion in the email deployment might only be available for a brief period of time.

Informational email marketing

This type of email is used to inform customers about some new features or new events happening in the company. Informational emails are one-to-many emails that are sent to people to keep them informed about the most recent content, product announcements, and other things. 

A business may need to email its clients or users in a number of situations to provide them with information without being overly promotional. Brief news reports about changes in the direction or management of a company in the future are the most typical types of informational emails.

The second category of informational emails focuses on news specific to the company. Updates to policies, changes to the organizational structure, or a change in focus may be included in these emails. The customers should be directly informed of these new approaches and thanked for their feedback via a personal message from the company because it’s possible that these new strategies are a result of customer feedback. Additionally, by demonstrating that the company values its customers’ opinions, It will increase customer loyalty and trust.

Netflix email campaign
Netflix using Informational Email Marketing

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