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Memes have emerged as one of the most successful ways of advertising, communication, and the simplest approach to communicate with target audiences, according to current trends. Memes have also established a common bar for viral advertising. Brands increasingly feel that memes may effectively promote their products without incurring exorbitant marketing expenses. Let’s take a look at how some businesses have masterfully exploited memes to their advantage and are ahead in the Meme Marketing game.

Companies using Meme Marketing campaigns
Companies using Meme Marketing campaigns

This famous marketing strategy involves firms adapting popular meme text statements to be more relevant to their company while being hilarious and preserving the original meme features. As much as they are about humor, memes are also about connection. They have the ability to create online communities, albeit transiently.

Nowadays, brands take a more relaxed approach to client contact, typically employing a casual tone. Few have taken things a step further by incorporating some sass. All of this is done to make the brand appear less artificial and more human. Customers must understand that you do not represent a stuffy corporate organization, but rather something far more dynamic. Memes come into play here. Nothing allows a brand’s humanity to come through like humor.

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Bizemag MEME
Bizemag Meme Marketing

Meme marketing comes in several colors. Some businesses even create memes at their own cost and acquire significant popularity as a consequence. Self-deprecating comments are always humorous, and people enjoy businesses that aren’t too serious about themselves. Finally, humor helps individuals to establish deep bonds with firms. What exactly is the holy grail of internet marketing? It’s going viral. That’s all. A marketer fantasizes of developing content that would spread like wildfire from screen to screen. However, with standard advertising postings on social media, it is difficult to accomplish this objective. Once again, marketing using memes provides you with the ideal opportunity to accomplish this.

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Here’s some cases where company successfully campaigned through meme marketing: 


Zomato Meme Marketing Campaign
Zomato Meme Marketing Campaign

Zomato nonchalantly encouraged typical Gen X behavior that we see on a regular basis. The meme made you chuckle while simultaneously promoting Zomato’s core commodity, food. Zomato’s target consumers are often between the ages of 18 and 35, therefore the firm must work hard in its social media marketing, and Zomato goes above and beyond to create original social media postings.
It publishes amusing content that entertains the viewers while also encouraging them to order food.


Paytm Meme Marketing Campaign
Paytm Meme Marketing Campaign

Paytm utilized the popular Binod joke in the current web show Panchayat to depict how people generally split expenses using Paytm. They leveraged a current meme to illustrate their product, which not only entertained people but also reminded them to use Paytm the next time they split the bill. We suppose it may appear to be a ridiculous course, but the return on such an investment is no laughing matter. Brands spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on any other marketing campaign or television advertising. However, meme marketing is less expensive and more interesting.