Best Travel Destinations for Your Teenage Kids 

Best Travel Destinations for Your Teenage Kids – As your kids become adolescents, choosing the perfect holiday destination for them gets even trickier. They love to be on fun filled and adventurous trips. As parents it gets quite challenging to decide on where to go next with your teenage kids. The place should be safe, easy to access, interesting as well as enticing them. So, if you are all worked up trying to find the perfect place, here is a list of destinations you can choose from:


If your teens love adventure and want to enjoy the trips through sand dunes, UAE must be the ideal place for your teenage kids. From camel rides to the world’s largest aquarium – the best dose of fun filled activities is what your kids need right now. Teenagers would love to visit the Dubai Mall, Waterpark, underwater zoo, desert safaris and so much more. Dubai is also an epic destination for family trips. Don’t forget to make your kids meet with swimming dolphins. 


If your kids are into literature, art, culture and much more than Italy is indeed the perfect holiday destination. Also – a perfect place for teenagers and families who love beaches. An amazing country full of stories, fables, tales and music. Italy is truly a wonderland for the teenagers. From visiting the natural beauties such as Aeolian Islands to themed parks like Gardaland – best family destination. Visiting the Vatican and Sistine will help your kids relate to the Bible stories.


If your kids love the natural environment and want to explore more beaches rather than buildings, Hawaii is a perfect destination. It is practically on the list of every traveler who is fond of enjoying the tropical weather. Enjoy the beach waters, surfing and other water activities with your teenager. Some kids love a laid back holiday while others love an active one. Jet-skiing, paragliding and snorkeling are some of the best fun activities to try out and your kids are going to adore these for sure. Not only the sea, enjoy waterfalls and have a great time exploring the fauna of the place. 


Which teenager would not want to go to the USA? Literally all their favorite TV shows, characters and favorite destinations are centered in this country and how could they possibly want to miss out on it. One cannot probably plan a trip to cover the entire country at once but you can surely choose to be in places like California. Lying on the coast of the Pacific ocean, California is the hub of the entertainment industry. Your kids will have a great time in Los Angeles. Visit the Yosemite National Park where your adolescent kids can enjoy kayaking. Do not forget to take a trip across Universal Studios Hollywood to enjoy the fun of Hollywood movies. 

Sri Lanka

Your kid’s favorite destination need not always be in the west. Even Asia has so much to offer and one of the countries teenagers are going to absolutely love. It is one of those holiday destinations that will open wide the platforms of natural and cultural treasures to explore. In Sri Lanka, the massive scope of outdoor activities is truly a great attraction for the teenagers. Ensure to pay a visit to ancient places in the country like Dambulla Cave Temple. If you want the kids to enjoy wildlife, visit the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Arugam Bay is a beautiful place to enjoy the beaches. 


Your teenage kids would probaba;y consider you as the best parents on Earth if you can take them to the birthplace of their favorite Anime characters. Japan is the dream destination of every teenager – full of technology, robots, pin flowers, skincare products, Samurai and Ninja – what more to ask for. Manga comic books, Nintendo video consoles and so much more to grab. Take them to Disneyland and also explore every nook and corner of the capital city Tokyo. Your kids would also love the visit to the Universal Studios at Osaka. From forbidden dreams to a Hogwarts castle – teenagers would actually be living their dreams. 


Teen trips to England – a dive into the history that they can enjoy – museums, romantic novels and Cambridge. The best place to visit while in England is Yorkshire, which is often attributed as God’s own country. It is also a foodie’s paradise with the world’s best Michelin star restaurants to explore food from. Not only the urban areas, the countryside of England also has a charm of its own where you can enjoy horse riding, trekking and mountain biking. The scenic villages and breathtaking landscape is a treat to the eyes and also a perfect place for your kids to enjoy natural beauty.

There are plenty of other places where your teenage kids can enjoy their heart out. All you have to do is prioritize their choices and go for the right destinations. 


Do your teenage babies look out for Mediterranean cuisine every time they visit the restaurants? Then why not take them to the birthplace of the cuisine? Greece is all about water, olives, cheese, fresh seafood platters and one of the most exciting vacations for the teenagers. With so many beaches to explore and enjoying a relaxing time under the sun, your Greece holiday trip will be forever memorable for your teenager kid. And your kids would simply love to flaunt the Santorini vibes on their special media handles. 


It is Asia again and we simply could not overlook Bali. It is one of the best places to be in when you have your teenage kids around. Bali has innumerable scope for outdoor activities, waterparks and theme parks for your kids and the entire family to enjoy the vacation vibes. A lush landscape and dotting beaches coupled with some of the most majestic temples – what more can your teenagers ask for. Beaches like Kuta are perfect to explore the fun filled water activities. Let them enjoy some fabulous rice cultivation scenes at Ubud and don’t forget to click pictures to your heart’s content. 


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