The workplace is no less than a place of worship for us. We spend a considerable amount of our lifetime at our workplace. Also, the question that elicits the maximum dilemma in us is – what to wear to work?

The workplace is where we must create an impression of ourselves and our attire, which plays a significant role. Our dress and accessories play an essential role in defining our style statement and personality.

The most challenging part of the game is a grave line of consciousness that acts on our psyche when choosing the perfect office wear for ourselves. This is because at the office we cannot be as frolic and gorgeous as we are with our part dress, neither does it feel good to wear those same old boring clothes to work every day. Accessories can help make things a little more happening. Office wear is often imagined and portrayed as incredibly dull, dull, and mundane.

We must maintain a dress code while being in the office that does not necessarily mean that all of that has to be colorless and bland. Infusing life to your office wear can be achieved phenomenally well if you can pair up the dresses with the appropriate accessories. Let us have a quick look at some of the best and most appropriate accessories for creating a mesmerizing however, we yet a sophisticated office look.


Whether at the office or for a get-together with family or a dance party with friends, watches have been the timeless accessory to gear up your overall look. A watch can revolutionize your entire look and infuse elements of class and beauty in your attire. In the case of an office look, since you cannot incorporate a lot of extravagant accessories, watches are the prime players. Watches go exceptionally well with office wear because they have a primary formal element.

You can try watches in various dial shapes, strap colors, and materials. Club a contrast band color watch with your dress and create a fantastic look. A good watch makes you look more innovative and better. It is aesthetically appealing and creates a formal impression. You can also manage your time better when wearing a wristwatch. Moreover, you will not have to pull out the mobile phone every time.

Also, smartwatches these days come equipped with plenty of features that help track your physiological parameters.

Necklaces and Earrings

Is it legit to wear jewelry to work? You will get a mixed reaction when this question is put forward. There are no norms that say wearing jewelry to work is a crime. However, if your work involves some kind of manual labor or fiddling with chemicals, it may be good for you to avoid wearing jewelry at work.

However, if there are no specific demands of your job, you can add more charm to your office attire by wearing a leek neck pierce or some small earrings.

If you love accessories, wearing small pretty jewelry pieces to work can be a good idea.

Keep in mind that the necklaces and earrings you wear to your office should not be very big or highly gorgeous. Instead, they should subtly complement the office dress and be complaints with the overall decorum of the office wear. Adding a piece of jewelry to your office get-up will make things a bit semi-formal than hardcore rigid formal. The jewelry should speak of class, statement and imply your professionalism.  

Stone and pearl jewelry are the best materials tower to office. For base materials, one can go with silver or platinum. A soft-colored stud or some sleek silver chain can be good to go. Make sure that you do not go for bold pieces that will make other employees and staff staring at you.

The jewelry should speak of your unique style and class. Stone and pearl jewelry are the best materials tower to office. For base materials, one can go with silver or platinum.


Going to work wearing formal attire and leaving the belt behind is unusual, and practically nobody does that. The strap is so essential for office wear that it is tough to imagine it to be an accessory. However, belts are the best functionally pro-active accessory indeed one can ever find. But is choosing a belt that easy? Can you pair up any belt with your office wear? The answer is No. There are numerous protocols one can follow for choosing the right belt.

Whenever choosing a belt, keep in mind that the belt is meant to create a perfect and sophisticated boundary between your upper and lower body. It will add a statement to your office wear and add some color to your overall office attire. Usually, there is considerable confusion when buying a belt for the office. Should it be black or brown or any other color? Should there be patterns over it or plain? Should they be thick? What is the suitable material?

Well, the answer is subtle, and the sophisticated belt is good to go for office wear. And try to avoid any belt made of cheap synthetic materials. Not only are such belts poor to look at, but they have a very short lifespan. So instead, invest in a good quality belt that is smart, sophisticated, and emits some posh vibes.

Many other formal belt colors are available these days other than traditional black and brown. Tan brown, ochre, or any subtle color is good to go with an office dress. They can be either plain or have very sober patterns over them.


Scarfs are also a modern-day accessory that can give a completely different edge to your office wear.

But, of course, these pretty little cloth pieces can save you from the cold, but they can also make you stylish, classy, and glamorous.

For example, a scarf can serve multiple purposes and is a favorite office wear accessory for many people. They add elegance to your office look.

When wearing solid mono chromatic dresses, you can use a printed scarf with them. Silk scarves are usually the best because they have a shine. You can also use woolen scarves to protect you from the cold and stylize your look during the winter season.


This is possibly the most comprehensive category of accessories, especially office accessories. Bags to the office include practically everything. It includes your purse, your wallets, and the large tots. Your laptop bag, portfolio bag, datasheet organizer, and so much more. The bags that we generally carry to the office are structured bags that have a proper shape and are not too bold. Stone studded clutches and embellished wallets can be stored for festive occasions.

For carrying your office essentials, make sure that the bag is pretty to look at and functional. Totes are perfect as office bags. It is better to form a bag organizer when using totes because storing and organizing essentials is only more accessible, tiny. So, for example, wallets, cardholders, and even portfolios should reflect your personality and unique style statement.

It is not necessary that you always have to go with leather. You can go with PU leather, jute, cotton and many other eco-friendly options so far as bags are concerned. Also, keep changing the bags with the dresses to create a unique look. Office bags should have several pockets and compartments because we virtually carry the whole world with us when going to the office.

Wrist Bands

A sleek and smart wristband can be an ideal partner for your office dress. Overall it will add sophistication and glamour to your office outfit and create a unique look to make you stand out among the rest. Wrist bands are extraordinarily stylish and make you look posh and classy. You can wear metal wrist bands studded with stones or sophisticated materials like a pearl. Materials like gold and platinum are also well suited. The wrist band material should preferably be non-reactive.

Also, the size and diameter of the wristband should not be too much. Sleek wrist bands add elegance to your office attire. Wrist bands of other materials like leather are also commonly worn to the office and they look pretty. To add some life to your office attire, you can also try out wrist bands made of beads. The beads should be small. You can wear colorful bead wrist bands to shift focus from your dull and mundane office wear.

The right accessories to the office should be necessarily minimalistic and add elegance and subtleness to your office outfit. The right accessories to the office should be necessarily minimalistic and add elegance and subtleness to your office outfit. Always keep in mind, the accessories should speak of themselves and the style of the wearer but never be too loud to distract others.

So when are you updating your work wardrobe with stunning accessories?

Article compiled by Bizemag reporter

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