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Thomas Stern

Introducing Tom Stern

When it comes to not taking work too seriously, Tom Stern is all business.

Raised by a super-successful C.E.O, Tom cut his teeth on the world of stand-up comedy and entertainment management, then veered back into the corporate world by becoming one of the top executive recruiters, or “headhunters,” in the nation. Now, he has channeled his experience straddling the corporate and show business worlds into a nationally-syndicated comic strip and a nationally-syndicated radio show.

In anyone else, this melding of disciplines may have created an identity crisis. In Tom Stern, it has created a man with a mission: to redefine corporate culture and attitudes, to bring fun back into the shaping of a career, and to make sure that everyone, no matter what their rank, has a few laughs along the road to success.

About The Book

A humorous and instructive book on overcoming your fears, increasing your confidence, and having more success in both sales and career satisfaction.

As an ADHD child with dyslexia, Tom Stern felt unable to live up to the great expectations set by his very successful grandfather and father; as a result, he suffered from extreme anxiety. Over time, he developed a methodology that increased his confidence and enabled him to achieve success in the entertainment industry, later founding an executive search firm that has sustained excellence for more than a quarter century. It is Tom’s goal to help others achieve success in sales and realize their dreams by overcoming their fears as well.

Fear Less, Sell More uses a fictional story, humor, and a conversational approach to making friends with fear. Drawing from Tom’s circuitous career, he shares his unique insights into the psychology behind selling that can bolster the success of any sales professional.

By Thomas Stern

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