Game Development is the art of creating games and describes the design, development and release of a game. It may involve concept generation, design, build, test and release. While you create a game, it is important to think about the game mechanics, rewards, player engagement and level design. A game developer could be a programmer, a sound designer, an artist, a designer or many other roles available in the industry. Game Development can be undertaken by a large Game Development Studio or by a single individual. It can be as small or large as you like.

As long as it lets the player interact with content and is able to manipulate the game’s elements, you can call it a ‘game’.To get involved in the Game Development process, you do not need to write code. Artists may create and design assets, while a Developer might focus on programming a health bar. A Tester may get involved to see that the game works as expected.To resolve problems that game frameworks had, tools like unity and OpenGL were developed. They helped game development to be a lot faster and easier, providing lots of pre-made functions and features. However, it was still hard to enter the industry or understand a framework for someone coming from a non-programmer background, a common case in the game development scene.

My Game Development Journey and Experience:

I started this journey in 2021. On that time I have no any experience to develop game. First I confused to choose what game engine is best? Then I find and take many reviews then finally I got my compatible game engine Unity. Till now I understand many more things about game and its industry. Game development industry is vast industry You can make career in this field. I made some games which is my beginner level but according to time I increased my knowledge about game. There are various game engine which you can use to develop game.

  • CryEngine
  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity Game Engine
  • Game Maker
  • Construct 2 or 3

These game engines you can use to build a game. You can download its free personal version or paid versions. I recommend you have to choose unity game engine and download its free developer version. These game engines provide various tools to develop a good game setup.

Use engine according to your knowledge and suitability. Also know about programming language which is supported in particular engine.In starting I faced many difficulties to develop a game. But according to time I learn more about game engine and gain experience. In several companies the demand of game developers are increased. The opportunity comes and you can make career on this particular field. You can create game projects, their levels, design to make game interesting. Really you can believe that developing game is very interesting. There are some games which I had made.

  • Cube Runner
  • The Gold Runner
  • Car Destroyer

You can download Car Destroyer Game form play store. Which I had uploaded few months ago. The experience was quit good when I develop my new game to upload. When you design or develop a game then you feel really good and exciting. The environment of game development is good to feel something new and creative. Your thinking skill and creative skill help to make good design and levels of the game. When you develop a game and play then you can enhance and check the function. 
Which Game Engine is best and why ?

I  use basically a unity game engine. Because it is the best platform to develop a game. It’s easy to understand and provide various tools. The Unity Game Engine ranges somewhere in the middle, while it is beginner friendly, some popular and commercial games have been built using Unity.

Free Unity Tutorial - Unity Game Development For Complete Beginners | Udemy

Unity engine has various versions. Which has various built in platforms like – android, web etc. C# scripting language used in unity engine. Which is object oriented programming language. Game development is very interesting field. Its provide various interesting tools and build in features. Anyone can use this unity engine and make games for self-purpose and for publicly. He/ She can upload their game on play store.

If you are a beginner then you should try Unity engine. Because unity engine is more convenient to use as a beginner. You can learn easily and apply your codes and ideas in your game. Unity game engine is very popular and high rated engine. When you develop a game you feel good as a developer. And no anymore difficulties to face when you learn it. You can learn unity from documentation where all information you can elicit about animation, scripting, graphics, tools, layouts, controllers etc.

Unity - Manual: Scripting

A unique feature, that has contributed to Unity’s popularity, making programmers and game creators’ life easier, is the play mode option. With the help of this effective tool, developers can edit their work in no time, as it allows them to test and review the gameplay as they go, being able to instantly check their work. In this sense, when discovering bugs, programmers can pause the game and make the necessary changes with ease.

Out of all the game engines out there, Unity is by far the most popular one that is being used today. The perks that it offers, such as the excellent graphics, compatibility with multiple platforms, strong community, and its unique and efficient features, like the play mode option, have made Unity stand out of the crowd. What’s more, it is the go-to cross-platform engine for both beginners and experienced game developers, and once you get the hang of it, you won’t want to trade it for anything else. 

I personally suggest you that You can learn unity game engine as a beginner. According to expertise and my experience it’s the best suggestion for you all game developers, later you can switch any one of them game engine. Selecting a suitable game engine is essential to making a mobile game development project successful. The feature-rich Unity 3D engine aids game development for different platforms that are compatible across multiple devices. The game engine features many resources, such as instant assets, IDE, online community assistance, free tutorials, and intuitive tools. Due to these robust features, Unity 3D has become a popular option among developers seeking to build exceptional, easy, and affordable 2D and 3D game designs. Before discussing the reasons for choosing this high-quality game engine, let’s know about it briefly!

Important factors of Game development

There are some factors on which our game is dependent. All the developers make sure that their game design and assets are good because these things affects our game environment. If in any case the assets and design of the game is not quite fair then its  environment and playing experience is worst. According to my experience it is the main factor of any game development engine. With more games being launched every year, the video game business has expanded substantially. But gamers and game creators frequently ask, “How much does it cost to develop a game?” A variety of factors may influence the cost of game creation.

Therefore the answer to this question is only sometimes obvious. We’ll examine these elements in more detail in this post and consider how they affect the overall price of game production. The game platform is another crucial factor that can affect the cost of game development. Developing games for different platforms, such as consoles, mobile devices, and PCs, can require various tools and technologies, impacting development costs. Developing games for specific platforms may also require additional licenses and fees, which can add to the overall development cost.

Factors are basically: –

  • Design 
  • Cost
  • Assets
  • Devices
  • Audience

These are some important factors by which a game can survive in a market. If you target audience thinking and design according to their playing experience then it’s the good sign for your game to take over into market. If you making high quality game then you should invest more money. Sometimes your money refundable after launching the game due to its popularity. But in case its probability that you lose the money which you invest in your game if it’s not survive in the market. But don’t lost any hope, You can launch new versions of the game.

It’s critical to realize that expenses involved with game production might extend beyond those incurred directly, such as wages and licensing. Additional hidden costs include legal fees, post-release support and upgrades, and marketing and promotion. Budgeting for game development must consider these expenses to keep the project financially sustainable.So here I am sharing my game experience and other situations as a game developer which I had faced. Hopefully this article helpful for all game developers who wants to start their career in game development industry.


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