MENSTRUAL LEAVE POLICY : CASE STUDY- About Film Terrain: Film Terrain is established to promote talents linked with movies. We have plans of producing movies and web series in future. We also have plans of including other topics like Fashion, Health, Technology and much more. Our aim is to make Film Terrain, a one-stop portal. We started in December 2021, had to take a long break due to multiple issues. And we’re resuming our services in June 2023. We do have budget constraints, like any other company, but that won’t stop us. 

About Film Terrain’s Menstrual Leave Policy:

Work from Office, or Work from Home doesn’t matter at all. We want our women to perform their tasks with a real smile. Our menstrual leave policy is designed in a way that a woman gets completely disconnected from her work space. Every month, our female employees get 3 menstrual leaves along with 1 casual leave and 1 sick leave, all paid. We want our female employees take zero stress about work during periods. We never talk about Comparison and Competition.

So, there won’t be any pressure on our women employees to work for longer hours/on weekends or be productive on par with male employees, just because they avail menstrual leaves. We assure them of promised leaves, promised pay and promised working hours.Some people might say this. ‘This will create imbalance. We can’t meet the deadlines; we can’t finish work on time.’ Women naturally tend to finish a task with perfection and that too within a short time. It’s natural, like many other things on earth.

Today, on an average, several studies say that women are 50-65% more productive than men. With such equations, we don’t think a 3-day menstrual leave can make any difference.We also have plans of providing special allowance for menstrual needs. And a lot more for their mental and physical health. For that, Film Terrain needs to grow a little bigger. But, any day, Film Terrain will take a decent care of female employees. 

About the Founder/CEO: Joel Jayakar– B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, MBA in Mass Communication, Life Coach, Nutrition and Fitness Consultant, Digital Marketer.


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