New Zealand – The Buzzing Holiday Destination

New Zealand – The Buzzing Holiday Destination

New Zealand has an incredibly extraordinary beauty to offer the tourists and enthrall them with a natural grace like none other. The gorgeous island of New Zealand is situated amidst the southwest Pacific Ocean. The Island of New Zealand is geographically divided into the northern and Southern parts. The area of this island country is 268,021 sq. km. New Zealand is a tourist paradise for anyone who loves nature’s beauty. There are fiery volcanoes, pristine lakes, incredible craggy mountains, and gushing glaciers. Adorning the country even more, are the sun-kissed beaches. Whether you love mountains or beaches, the country would disappoint none.

New Zealand – The Land of Divine Beauty

The divine beauty of New Zealand is ideal for swathing your senses with heavenly exposure. For people who love mountains – the Milford Sound of South Island and The National Park of Fiordland is paradise. These spots are ideal for hiking. You can gasp at the beauty of the virgin mountains and edges of peaks while photo dumping among the glacier cascades. New Zealand is also the land for adventure sports. You can enjoy any and all types of games here. Sea kayaking is one of the best adventure activities in New Zealand. Sailing and yachting across the Bay of Islands are equally famous. Among Some of the oldest national parks in the country is the Tongariro National Park, which has a serene beauty. In New Zealand, tourists love to enjoy hot spring baths.

New Zealand for Nature Lovers

For the past few years. New Zealand has remained a hot spot for tourism. The raw and unexplored natural beauty of New Zealand attracts tourists from across th globe. One such spot that is a must-visit for tourists is the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers. The natural bounty of this remarkable place is beyond worldly description. This spot’s ice cave hikes and helicopter rides will leave you speechless. Rotorua is another such place with a naturally dramatic bio-geography. The topography of the place contrasts with a vast number of thermal springs and natural landscapes. New Zealand never fails to amaze the adventure hunks. Enjoy multiple activities like sky diving, luging, and mountain biking.

If you are water liver and snorkeling attracts you more than anything else, the best place in New Zealand for you is the Lady Knox Geyser and Champagne Pools. Explore life under the ocean and adorn your experience with excellent forest hiking across the Abel Tasman Coast. The tourists who have a soft corner for dolphins, New Zealand brings you the Kaikoura branches, where you can witness marvelous dolphins in their complete valor.

The Perfect Mix of Natural and Cosmopolitan Life

It may not be true if you have thought that New Zealand is all about natural beauty and remote places. Auckland is one of the world’s most progressive cities, with skyscrapers kissing heaven. The mind-boggling vistas of this magnificent city will amaze you. Auckland is a perfect mix of city life and natural vibes. There are plenty of beautiful sandy beaches, coves, and forests coupled with extraordinary islands to create an enchanting experience for tourists.

New Zealand has a population of 4.4 million (approximately). It is s melting point of cultures where people from Europe, Britain, Germany, Italy, and Scandanavia live together. It is indeed a confluence point of cultures. There are Europeans and a very high population of Asian minority groups. The formal language used by the government for official work is Maori.

4 Must Visit Places in New Zealand

New Zealand is full of surprises. Be it the untamed forests or the gushing glaciers, the magnificent skyscrapers, or the lush green nature, here are the top 5 places that you simply cannot miss when in New Zealand:

1.   Bay of Islands

Known across the globe for being the paradise of water sports lovers, this place is fantastic as a top tourist attraction in the country. It is a heaven for sailing boats and the best joint for yachting. The Bay of Islands forms a necklace across the ocean with 144 islands as the beads of the necklace. Whether kayaking or exploring beautiful marine life, this is the apt place to spend your holidays. It is also a great fishing spot. The area’s most prominent tourist attraction is the rock formation site – Hole in the Rock.

2.   Tongariro National Park

Explore incredible biodiversity and splendid wildlife in one of the country’s oldest and most famous national parks. The place is a combo of everything – volcanoes, forests, plateaus, turquoise lakes, and green vegetation. Overall, this is the canvas of some genuinely incredible melodramatic scenery. It is one of the best places to visit in New Zealand. While in this national park, do not miss the gorgeous view of Lake Taupo. The mineral-rich water and turquoise color are all set to blow your mind.

3.   Rotorua

Located in the Pacific ring of Fire, this unique place is one of the world’s most prominent geothermal regions. Steaming geysers and naturally boiling mud pools are a natural awestruck site and an excellent place for sky-diving, trekking, and mountain biking. It is a natural confluence of mountains and hot springs. The Lady Knox Geyser is a great spot in New Zealand you cannot miss.

4.   Auckland

If you have already learned much about New Zealand’s natural beauty, it is time to explore some glorious skyscrapers and illuminate city life. Auckland is the most famous town in New Zealand and has a picturesque landscape that will make your eyes glitter and your heart shimmer every time. Auckland is a perfect place to spend your dazzling evenings and do some great shopping during your New Zealand visit So, make sure that you don’t miss the visit to Auckland. The beautiful cosmopolitan nature of the city is fantastic for a vacation. Auckland is the ideal go-to place during your New Zealand trip.

New Zealand is ideal for a family vacation. Take some time away from your busy daily schedule and plan a beautiful trip to New Zealand.

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