Corona virus is an infectious disease, which was firstly identified in Wuhan, China. This disease has converted into a Pandemic, which has affected the Whole World. As of August 2020, total approx. 24 million cases have been reported in the world. On 30th Jan. 2020, first case of covid-19 was spotted in Kerala, India.  Lakshadweep is the only place in India, with no official cases reported. Currently, India has largest number of confirmed cases Asia and is the third highest among countries of the world, after US and Brazil. Currently, India has cases above 73 lakhs. Symptoms include fever, cough, loss of smell, and shortness of breath. Even some cases in the country, have been reported to be Asymptomatic. As a study, 40 percent of the cases have been reported with smell loss. The virus spreads primarily through nose and mouth. It is the most contagious disease found till date. To prevent this pandemic, frequent hand washing, social distancing, and isolation are the most effective measures. The pandemic has affected every field, but its major impact can be seen on Hospitality.

Hospitality without human touch, is a texture of robotics that was highly unacceptable till date. But, Covid-19 has changed total era. Even, till date, studies revealed that hospitality can’t be totally shut but this Pandemic has forced countries to shut Hospitality Industry too.

The evolution of Covid-19 has changed Industry from “Aesthetically clean” to “Clinically clean”.


All the departments will have to adapt to new normal from now on. The new normal for Front office will include:

  • Plexiglas at reception.
  • Temperature check at Entrance.
  • Traditional Welcome.
  • Maintaining 06 feet distance is a must.
  • All staff to wear masks, face shields.
  • Sanitising stations at various points in Lobby.
  • Furniture re-arrangement in Lobby, to maintain social distancing.
  • Digital rollover apps for Arrival.
  • Digital rollover apps for Departure.
  • RFID key system.
  • All baggage to be sanitised.
  • Medical kits to be provided at Front desk, which includes face masks, disposable gloves, PPE kit, etc.


This pandemic has renewed Focus of Housekeeping more and more from traditional point of view to more implemented point of view.

  • Continuous sanitising process will keep on going. It will be a regular feature.
  • Floors will be disinfected every two hours.
  • No concept of Reuse linen.
  • Cleaning will focus more on sanitisation of door knobs, remote controls, WC flush handles, etc.
  • Sanitizer to be available at every nook and corner of the hotel.
  • More frequent fumigation of AC vents.
  • Concept of Isolation room to be introduced as mandatory.
  • Communication to be strictly observed virtually. The Guest and staff must communicate on phone.
  • Room service to be done by observing strict 01 metre social distance.


  1. Try to maintain a distance of 06 feet.
  2. Traditional welcome.
  3. Try to use disposable cutlery.
  4. Re-arrangement of furniture to ensure safe distancing.
  5. Door knobs to be sanitised every 30 minutes.
  6. Phones to be sanitised every 30 minutes.
  7. Hostess desk to sanitised every 30 minutes.
  8. Servers to wear hand gloves and face shields.
  9. All furniture to be sanitised after every use.
  10. In starting stage, separate hours to be reserved for Elders.
  11. Every bottle to be sanitised every 30 minutes in bar top.
  12. Every side station to be sanitised after every 30 minutes.
  13. Every equipment to be sanitised after every 30 minutes.
  14. In-room trolleys and warmers to be sanitised after every use.
  15. Canned beverages to be served only, in room dining.


  1. Kitchen staff to wear only fresh uniforms daily.
  2. Implementation of sanitising stations at entrance of every Kitchen.
  3. Staff to wear face shields, and masks.
  4. All utensils to be sanitised before every use.
  5. All kitchen surfaces and shelves to be sanitised after every 30 minutes.
  6. All fruits & vegetables to be washed in Chlorine before entering Kitchen.


Since, this research is completely done from secondary sources; we will not be able to conclude. But, with this study, we highly recommend that Hospitality has to observe New normal to run with pace of the World, & for safety and security of our Beloved esteemed guest’s and our asset Staff

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