Santorini is one of the best global tourist destinations. Santorini is a luxurious and scenic island in the Aegean Sea of Greece. The exact location of the island is around 200 km away from Athens. You can reach Santorini from London, and it will take 4 hours from London. If you are already on a Greece tour, it will take 1 hour to reach Santorini from Athens. 

The villages on the cliffside and bougainvillea covering the buildings are typical sights you can witness in this place. The sights of sunsets at Santorini are worth millions of dollars. Be it a bachelorette trip or a romantic honeymoon destination, Santorini offers you the opportunity to live the best time of your life. 

Must-Visit Places in Santorini

Here are the top 10 things that you should not miss when in Santorini:

Explore Oia

Oia is one of the top attractions in Santorini. It is the most beautiful place in Greece. If you want to enjoy the Greek vibes, the best way is to wander around the roads of Oia. The buildings, houses, streets, and houses speak of Greece in the best way. Every corner is photogenic and the best spot for Instagram photo-dumping. The google images of Santorini featuring large white houses with sapphire domes are from Oia. There are several choices for food and drinks to light up your tour. The sight of sunsets at Oia will be your life’s most remarkable experience. You will leave Oia with a large sip of Greece and unforgettable experiences. 


This is the ideal shopping and hanging out destination in Santorini. The hidden chapels and backstreets are romantic. Don’t forget to visit the Cathedral Basilica of St.Johns Baptists and Saint Minas Holy Orthodox. The cable car trip from the old harbor is the most popular activity of Fira. Cruise ship trips are equally popular. These activities will make your Fira trip more wholesome. 


This one is not an extravaganza of a town. Instead, it is a small, laid-back town directly associated with Fira. The place is important because of its location. Almost all the tourists base themselves in this town and visit all the nearby sightseeing destinations. Santorini is only 30 minutes away from this place. Firostefani is in the island’s center and has many options for staying and dining. 


This is the highest cliff on the island. You can get a panoramic view of the entire island standing. This is an extraordinary picturesque village with scenic beauty wrapped in tranquility. The houses, churches, and domes reflect Greek architecture in the best possible forms. You can enjoy the shimmering view of the sea. Some fantastic restaurants give tourists an excellent dining option. The sea imposes the rocks and volcanoes of Skaros. This place is a hidden gem because it is often not included in the mainstream itinerary of Santorini travel. The exact location of Imerovigli is between Fira and Oia. 

Hike at the Skaros Rock

Skaros Rock is one of the highest points in Santorini. Hiking on this rock is the best adventure activity you will enjoy at Santorini. The topmost point of the rock you reach after the hike overlooks the entire island and is a blissful place to spend quality time. The hike up to Skaros rock is short and takes only 15 minutes. This is an excellent spot for adventure hiking and has some ruins of the Old Venetian Capital of Santorini, so it can be considered the best place for archeological interest. The church accompanying Skaros rock has a great view of the spectacular sea. The peak of the Skaros is beautiful beyond explanation. 


If you are already fascinated by Greek architecture and want fantastic backdrops for your Instagram photo dumping, this is the ideal place. The incredible mansions, churches, and architecture are spectacular. The traditional Greek cafes and taverns will light up your day. This is a lovely place for sipping the old taste of Greece. The well-decorated cafes are great for photo dumping and serve incredible Greek food. These island spots are incredibly well suited for exploring the authentic countryside Greek vibe. If you are genuinely interested in the life and culture of the commoners, these are must-visit places. 

Red Beach

This is one of the unique beaches in Greece. The red color of the beach is due to the breakdown of volcanic cliffs that surround this place. This beach is situated near Akrotiri village, which is serene and pretty and features an incredible Greek chapel. Red beaches can sometimes be dangerous to visit because of the falling rocks. It is better to take safety precautions during the visit. Boat trips to the red beach are also a popular tourist activity. 

Getting Around in Santorini

To get around Santorini, the best way is to use local transport like buses. There are options for car rental as well. However, public transport costs much less. If you intend to get around in the buses and boats, the best place to stay is in Firs. Tourists also rent ATVs or motorcycles for riding across Santorini. This is one of the best adventurous ways to explore the beautiful terrain of Santorini. You can explore the roads, go for long drives and enjoy the beautiful sunsets on the motorbikes. 

Did you know that Santorini is the famous Atlantis island that you read about in Greek Mythology? Visiting this island can be expensive during peak times, like June and August. The best hotels to stay in Santoni are situated in Fira. You can get several budget options for staying in Fira. The budget hotels cost somewhere around 70-80 USD per night. Whereas the luxury hotels will cost 175+ USD per night. The food options in Santorini are fantastic. Dig into the best authentic Greek food and enjoy your trip better than ever. 

Santorini is a stunning island in Greece with amazing vibes. If you haven’t already visited the place, you should place it on your travel bucket list as soon as possible.

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