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Opening Quote of Shalini Diwan

Describe your brand and the industry you are a part of !

Shalini: Lucido Skin and Haircare is a holistic brand that aids in the renewal of your hair and the Healing of your Skin. It’s a part of the cosmetics industry.

Tell us about your childhood, education and early career

Shalini: Education is essential for success and builds confidence. 

My parents were firm believers in the value of education, and I had the good fortune of attending many schools around India, which provided me with a solid foundation during my formative years. Exposure to many cultures in various places instilled in me a high level of flexibility.

Following my education, I earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce, which provided me with business knowledge. I’ve always been attracted by fashion and fabrics since I was a child, therefore I earned a degree in Fashion and Textile Design. After

my marriage, I wanted to spend more time with my children, so I took up fashion design and image consulting as a creative outlet rather than a financial venture.

Over time, I developed a passion for wellness, beauty, and fitness, which led to my foray into entrepreneurship.

Have you always been entrepreneurial? When and how did the idea coin to set up your own business?

Shalini: Entrepreneurship has always aroused my curiosity, and I’ve always wished to launch my own business. I was certain that I have a one-of-a-kind talent to concoct magical lotions and potions for skin and hair care. Mixing and blending, as well as experimenting and testing with a variety of natural herbs, oils, roots, and nuts, helped me create these one-of-a-kind items. These products are unique in that they are holistic in nature and aid in the rejuvenation and restoration of damaged skin and hair. Lucido Beauty Care was developed as a result.

As the storey goes, I used to love watching the television show “I Love Lucy,” and the name Lucy stuck in my head, so when I came across the world Lucido, I fell in love with it right away. Lucido is a Spanish term that implies outstanding, magnificent, and elegant, and it perfectly describes my product concept. How do we stand out in the beauty sector, which is swamped with a variety of brands? Lucido Skin and Hair Care is a company that promotes natural, clean, therapeutic, and effective products. No chemicals or preservatives are used in any of our products.

What were the challenges in your first project and how did you overcome them ?

Shalini: Life is more exciting when there are challenges, and it is more significant when you overcome them. Challenges are often beneficial to one’s growth, and I had some early difficulties as an entrepreneur. I’ve highlighted some of the obstacles I faced throughout the early stages of my business:

  1. Getting the Formulation right and perfect so that they resonate with my vision.
  2. Raising Initial Seed funds for my venture.
  3. Getting the right labelling and packaging done.
  4. Marketing Strategies for these products and creating trust amongst customers.

I was able to conquer my obstacles with the help of my family and friends because I had a strong belief in myself. And there was a great desire to succeed.

As you talk about raising seed funds, how did you manage to get first funding for it?

Shalini: The family provided the initial funding. Then, in little, controlled steps, we progressed. And we were able to generate some funds for daily trying and testing, which allows us to continue our operation. Finally, with sound marketing strategies and personal recommendations from family and friends we were able to penetrate the market and get a significant amount of market share. Our venture eventually became self-sustaining.

What makes your brand and products different from other products available in the market ?

Shalini: Lucido beauty care is unique and is holistic. The products aid in the healing and rejuvenation of skin and hair that has been damaged by excessive sun exposure, pollution, or the use of chemical-based products. Using natural components in the proper proportions aids in achieving the intended results. I feel that keeping things simple and natural is the best way to achieve beautiful, glowing skin and gorgeous, strong hair.

Would you like to reveal your business strategy for your company’s growth in next 3 years 

Shalini: Our goal is to build a national and then international brand. We use social media, product testimonials, and brand endorsements to strategize our growth.

In this journey of being your own boss, what have been your make or break moments?

Shalini: Being your boss entails a significant deal of responsibility and difficulty. The fact that I was able to build and popularise my brand has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this trip. However, as an entrepreneur, one may feel alone at times, and despair may set in as to whether or not one would be able to continue on this path.

What are the core values you ensure are followed by the team?

Shalini: Our team focuses on the following core things:

  1. The raw ingredients like nuts, roots and oils are extracted from a trusted source.
  2. We make sure that our products give our customers the best experience.

Shalini how do you define success? Who do you credit your success the most to? Which is your most celebrated moment as a professional leader?

Shalini: Success is similar to an adrenal hormone that circulates in your bloodstream and provides you with a sensation of accomplishment. Success is impossible to achieve without the support and strength of one’s family. In my case, my life partner has been my pillar of strength.

The most memorable moment of my life was seeing my aspirations come true, my passion rewarded, and my belief in myself rewarded.

Kindly share about your achievements/awards with our readers.

Shalini tells that she has been awarded with following achievements and awards :

  1. Bharatiya Samta  Samaj Award as Social activist (Haryana) 
  2. Haryana Garima awards 2018
  3. Award of excellence from the Earth Saviours Foundation 
  4. 1000 Women  of Asia award-Womennovator
  5. The nightingale of India- Dr Sarojini Naidu Award 
  6. Indian Legend Award
  7. Saidham Humanity Award

…… and many more

In the end we would like you to share your message for the aspiring women entrepreneurs across the globe ?

“Never say never”

 “ Believe in yourself, as you are the only one who can make it happen”

     “Dream with your open eyes and work hard to achieve them” 

 “Keep your inner fire burning which will motivate you to achieve your goals”

How to Contact Shalini Diwan :
 E-mail: Shalini.dwn@gmail.comContact No. : +91 8178597091Instagram : :

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