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Located just at the tip of Malaysia, Singapore is one of the best places you can ever visit. Many travelers think that Singapore is super rich, and that travel will be super expensive. The truth is that – you can even plan a budget tour for Singapore. It is one of the greatest cities in the world, but if you presume it to be just a concrete jungle, you are mistaken. It is an ever-widening cosmopolitan hub with tons of attractions. Singapore is the best start to your Asia visit. From the Chinese cuisine in Chinatown to the art galleries of Haji Lane, Singapore awaits you with a fantastic blend of towering skyscrapers, a kaleidoscope of cultures and, most importantly, a beautiful natural scape. 

Culture and Demography

Since Singapore has a diverse population, various ethnic groups reside here. Singapore has a large population of Chinese immigrants. Almost 3/4ths of the population is of Chinese origin. After the Chinese, the second largest group is the Malays, and the third largest is the Indians. These communities are spread across the country in heterogeneous demographics. Even among the Chinese immigrants, people from several districts speak different languages. The Indian community majorly consists of Tamils and Malayali’s. There is a significant Indonesian population, and several Singhalese communities also inhabit the country. There are no uniform demographics in Singapore. Ethnic diversity is predominant in Singapore. Food, culture, dresses everywhere you can observe an impact of almost all the 

Top Attractions in Singapore

Planning for a super exciting Singapore trip? Here are the things you cannot miss:

Singapore Botanical Gardens

 Flora of Singapore is beautiful beyond explanation. Botanical gardens in Singapore are now acclaimed as world heritage sites by UNESCO. The environmental conditions in Singapore are ideal for the growth of multiple exotic species of plants. Travelers visit the Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest and even the National Orchid Forest in Singapore. These places experience the highest number of tourists in Singapore. Singapore is known for its outstanding natural beauty. It is also home to Aquaponics – the most innovative gardening technologies ever. Singapore. 

Marina Bay

This picturesque bay in Singapore attracts the most significant number of tourists annually. The science museum, shopping centers and the happening nightlife in this bay are truly worth experiencing. Also, most of the Singapore photo dumps are backdropped here. 

Clarke Quay

If you like spending time with your family by the waterside bays and having great fun at the Aisna clubs, this is your ideal place. You can visit the Defense Heritage Museum and explore other places of historical importance. 

Universal Studios

The world-renowned entertainment park in Singapore is situated on the Sentosa Island of Singapore. The themed zones and fun rides attract tourists from across the globe. If you have kids on the Singapore trip, don’t miss out on this. It is a famous spot for shooting Hollywood films. Enjoy the live music and local food at Universal Studios. 

China Town

Singapore is a mix of cosmopolitan and a brewing pot for cultures. Though there is plenty of intermingling, Chinese immigrants remain the predominant population. Practically, you can witness a mini-China here. Chinatown is an authentic place for Chinese food and exploring some undaunted Chinese culture. Never miss out on this when in Singapore. 


How can you miss the Singapore mascot? Your trip will remain incomplete if you don’t photo dump in front of this icon. A mix of fish and lion, Merlion is the iconic statue in Singapore and the most popular destination. It is located by Marina Bay, which is an unmissable spot as a way. 

Places to Stay

Here are some of the most renowned hotels in Singapore to enjoy a luxurious vacation. You can also opt for the numerous eco-resorts. Eco-resorts are the new trend in Singapore, and given the country’s incredible natural beauty, they are worth it:

  • Hotel Boss – Kallang Singapore
  • Marina Bay Sands – Marina Bay
  • Village Hotel Sentosa Far Ear Hospitality – Sentosa Island
  • JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri La – Orchard Singapore
  • Crown Plaza Changi Airport – Changi
  • Grand Copthorne Waterfront – Singapore River

The food of Singapore reflects its multi-ethnic society. The food is diverse and colorful, just like society. People of multiple cultures inhabit Singapore; similarly, their food forms Singapore cuisine. Chinese, Western, Malay, Indian and Peranakan food are widespread in Singapore. There are several; restaurants to serve fantastic delicacies. 

Western influence in Singapore food is becoming more prominent. Some of the best-known dishes in Singapore are Hainanese, Singapore Satay, Kai Tom Khing soup, Gai See Mee, Laksa, Roti and vegetables. There are options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Not only meat but fish is quite popular in Singapore. Otak Otak is a famous Peranakan fish dish infused with coconut milk.

Singaporeans are very particular about their meals. Since it is a cosmopolitan region, people have multiple dining rituals. For example, the vast Chinese population in Singapore eats chopsticks, whereas, in Indian homes and restaurants, people eat meals with their hands. 

Options for Vegetarian Food

Afterglow: The Chinatown of Singapore is famous for its authentic non-vegetarian Chinese food and some lip-smacking vegetarian food. That smoky smell of Chinese food in your favourite vegetarian versions. 

iVegan: If you are up for a Tree Top Walk in Singapore, make your way to a healthy, wholesome vegan meal at this fantastic eatery. Tofu, mushrooms, and so much more are on the menu, each dish smelling the local Singapore aroma at its best. 

The Living Cafe: Eating green surrounded by greenery. Dod that sound amazing to you? If yes, this Botanical Garden Cafe is your ideal destination. Remember to explore their snack section. 

VeganBurg: Burger lovers, especially vegetarians, will be satisfied when this one exists. Find the home of some of the best burgers in towns and guess that all of it is vegetarian variants. The sizzling avocado-beetroot burgers or the Satay burgers – all of them await you.

Singapore is indeed home to some of the best vegetarian dine-out options. Singapore awaits you with its fabulous beauty.

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