Step out- By CA MOHIT Khandelwal

Let’s go a few years back in our lives. The period when we used to think that this has to be done in our life, that has to be done in our life or we used to say to ourselves that there is a lot to do in our life. Now just give a couple of minutes to and introspect whether those dreams have been achieved or not. If the answer is “Yes” then I would like to congratulate all on the success. But, if the answer is “No” then ask where those dreams have gone now, and  where are we standing now. Whether we have moved in that direction we used to dream about in our past or lost somewhere in our comfort zone.  Most of us answer that we are not sure whether we have moved in that direction but we have settled in a zone where life has taken us. That settled zone is the comfort zone from which it is strenuous to come out.

Most of us think that we have a lot of time to fulfill our dreams but we don’t realise that time just passes by. I would say that this moment is the right time to take a step to fulfil your dream . Tomorrow is always uncertain so never wait for tomorrow to take a step towards fulfilling your aspirations. I know my dear readers that each one of you do agree with this but none of you desire to work towards the paths where the return is not assured at all.

Success is not about just visualizing the dreams but it is about going through all the rough phases and difficulties as shown in the picture and then achieving the awards and medals for your hard work.

Hurdles and obstacles are always going to be a part of your success story.

Study says that there are four zones which one has to cross to become successful. If we somehow manage to come out of our comfort zone, then a new zone encircles us and that new zone is nothing but a zone of fear. What is the zone of fear? Let’s go back to our childhood days. The days when we used to be comfortable at our home. And then the toddler grew up and started going to school. The day this toddler came to know about the school, tears rolled down from his eyes as he was leaving the comfort zone and entering into a new zone of fear. Growing up at the school, making new friends, each day comes with a new learning and so this phase is called the learning zone of that child. After graduating from the school, we are again in our comfort zone and afraid to move towards our new destination which is college. Just a thought of separation from our friends and teachers, we are engrossed by the fear. Now the story repeats, in college we have similar anxiety. Gradually, all the college students, college faculties become our friends and we wish to live this short span of time to the fullest.

These things happen every single day. Right from the day the toddler is born to the day the old man dies, life compels us to leave the comfort zone, enter into the fear zone and learn new things in the learning zone and eventually move towards the growth zone.

Here is a small anecdote for you all to realize that ARE YOU REALLY SATISFIED WITH YOU ALL ARE DOING?

Once upon a time there was a king, who received two beautiful, magnificent Peregrine falcons as a gift. He handed them over to a Falcon trainer. After a couple of months, the trainer informed the king that one of the two falcons was performing outstandingly. Flying majestically! Soaring into the heights of the sky!. But the other one had not moved at all from its branch from the very day that it had started training them. The king brought healers and sorcerers from all over the place to try and get the falcon to move, but the bird just wouldn’t fly. Having tried everything he could, the frustrated king said to his minister, “Maybe we need someone more familiar with nature. Someone who understands animals and birds. I think only such a person can solve this problem. Go, look for someone like this from the countryside and assign this task to him. The next morning the king was thrilled to see the second falcon soaring high above the palace gardens. Delighted, he called his minister and asked him to get the donor of this miracle to him. The minister brought a simple farmer to the king. The king asked the farmer, “How did you make this falcon fly?” The farmer replied, “It was very easy, I simply cut the branch on which the bird was sitting.”

Here comes the message “we are all created to fly”. But the snag is that we treat ourselves as the second falcons which usually sit on a branch at his comfort, not doing much in life waiting for the right time to enter into the new path. Apparently, the ones who like a life like the first falcons have already reached the skies. We all are here to live our life with incredible potential we all have. But, the problem is we always muddle between the thoughts of “Should I try this? Or Should I go for that ? and end up doing nothing except sitting in our comfort branches, clinging to the things that are familiar to us. A human is so much comfortable in his  comfort zone that he is not willing to explore new things, not willing to take the risks.

The sky has no limit and the opportunities are endless, but for most of us it remains undiscovered, untouched. The reason behind that is we continue to live in a familiar environment. We live a mediocre life just because we are enjoying life in our comfort zone, instead of exciting, thrilling.

Now the question comes that what is the branch that is holding us from flying high? What is the fear that is stopping us from taking the risk? Just a simple answer to these unanswered questions is unless we cut off the branches with which we are so used to we can never take off and reach the newer heights in our life. Now it’s completely up to us to decide whether we want to continue being the second falcon or touch the sky where infinite opportunities are waiting for us just like the first falcon. 

Dear readers

“When you leave your comfort zone then only the magic happens”. So, just cut off the comfort zone branch and take off to your new flight.


CA Mohit Khandelwal

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