Taruna Sharma

Founder of Tarunaie Creations

Top Woman Entrepreneur of 2022

“Design is intelligence made visible “ – Alina Wheeler, author”

Taruna Sharma, Founder of tarunaie creations, A unique Women’s boutique in Gurgaon grew up seeing her mother having an import-export factory and designing garments for top designers. Thereby she learned every fashion sense she has since then. Therefore, Taruna’s mom was very supportive and proud of her when she started this company from a small house. As Taruna opens up, she told Bizemag that her motive was to dedicate all her efforts to bring pride to her loving Mom. I still design every piece of our clothing with love and passion”. 

Entrepreneurial Journey

In the beginning, Taruna started her little dream venture with only stitching and alteration services, but as she developed her business, now they design pre bridal wear, everyday wear, and party wear collections. 

Taruna gained great artistic sense from the very beginning as she enrolled and pursued under graduation in commercial arts. 

Her latest style line is one of their latest “White Collection” which has some exquisite white muslin cloth pieces which can be worn by everyone.”


Taruna faced her biggest challenge as a business owner when she started the company in a small location and another was sourcing all the fabrics and hiring the right employees. Hiring great employees, especially the main tailor, was challenging. She tried many inexperienced tailors before finding the current well-experienced tailor.

Support System & Funding

Taruna gives all credit to her husband, who has always been very supportive of all her ventures and hobbies, he helped me set up the small business. Later Tarunaie Creations grew because of our dedication and style quotients which was liked by the customers.”

Business USP

Tarunaie Creations specializes in custom clothing, and the team helps to design for all occasions. Taruna takes pride in Creating unique designs while keeping comfort in mind is her priority.

Future Business Strategy

Tarunaie has recently started creating their own collections based on different themes. For the coming years, Taruna Sharma plans to create more theme collections that follow the latest trends. They are also focusing on brand visibility, participating in multiple national exhibitions, and even planning to participate in some international exhibitions

Entrepreneur’s make or break moments

Taruna tells Bizemag, “The fear of not being successful at first was very scary, but now all these nerves give me confidence to keep trying”

Success Mantra & Achievements

Taruna Sharma is focused on keeping the customers happy, so they strive to be on time while delivering the best quality.

Taruna sharma says, “ for me success is making my brand to known all across India and we are determined to do that. There is no way for me to emphasize enough how important my team is to this business, the way they help me create all the designs and work overtime during crunch times, I really appreciate all the hard work they put in”

Tarunaie Creations recently showcased their designs at a fashion show in Gurgaon.

Message for the aspiring women entrepreneurs across the globe 

“In conclusion, please don’t be afraid to follow your passion – it will always lead to amazing experiences.”

How to Contact Tarunaie Creations:

Address : Tarunaie Creations , SF 48 first floor, Galleria Market , Dlf Phase IV , Gurgaon Haryana 122009

Instagram : https://instagram.com/tarunaiecreations?utm_medium=copy_link

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