The Wonder Woman

She comes into the world
With a powerful cry,
Announcing her presence –
Lest others fail to notice her!
All through her life,
At every milestone,
She stops, to pat her back
And claps for herself
Not waiting for others
To acknowledge her feats.

There’s nothing she can’t do
Better than her counterparts
Yet she never flaunts;
Rather takes a backseat
And lets her deeds do the talking.

She’s the nurturer
And caregiver of the family;
Giving birth to new mindsets
Uplifting others along the way,
Instilling strong bonds of connection
Amongst her tribe.

She marches ahead
With a spring in her step
And her head held high;
Spraying the fragrance of positivity
That blooms from her persona,
In the lives of everyone
Who crosses her path.

She faces every examination…
Physical, academic and mental
With equanimity and poise
And marches with her brood
Proud of her failures…
Making them the stepping stones to success
And to teach her little ones life’s lessons!

She takes part in every parade
For a cause not so queer
But to cheer
Her near and dear;
She looks beyond the limitations
Afflicted naturally or by circumstance
And marches past the barriers
Right into their hearts.

She doesn’t wait for the year end
To finalise her accounts
And weigh the profits and losses;
Rather she counts her blessings
And increases her net worth
Every single day,
A very tangible asset
In every sense of the term!

She is the woman
I look up to
And the woman
I aspire to be
Marching ahead of her times
Taking everything and everyone in her stride.

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