Top Travel Companies in India

Domestic and International Sectors

Tourism is considered one of the top 10 industries contributing to the spike in India’s GDP. India is also one of the major countries that gain maximally from the travel and tourism industry. Indians also form one of the significant shares of global tourists who travel worldwide and enhance other countries’ economies. Considering this scenario, the travel companies in India for domestic and international travel companies play a significant role. In 2018, the industry generated around US $247.30 and witnessed a growth of 6.7%.

India is the eighth most visited Asian country and the 22nd most visited globally. Here is the list of the top 10 travel companies in India:

Thomas Cook India Ltd

This is one of the biggest and best-known travel agencies in India. Over the years, it has sustainably gained fame with its fabulous services. It was set up by Thomas Cook in 1881. The company is well-known for its fantastic travel packages to countries like India, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. The visa options, packages and services are the best you can get in India. The headquarters are in Mumbai, India. Their holiday packages to Dubai are phenomenal. It is an old player in the game and highly reliable. 


The Gurgaon-based travel company was set up in 2006 and is currently the favorite of Indians regarding luxurious or budget-friendly domestic and international travel. The USP of the brand is that- it offers a spectrum of services distinctly curated for corporate and private customers. The discounts and lucrative cash-back incentives, especially for the transportation deals, are real game changers for the company. They offer domestic and international travel packages to almost all popular holiday destinations. 

Make My Trip

High in popularity, the company was introduced in 2000 by Deep Kalra. MMT has been the actual initiator of changes in the Indian tourism industry. It is the flag bearer of the Indian tourism renaissance. For the past 23 years, MMT has successfully organized millions of domestic and international trips for Indians. It is now people’s favorite go-to option. The customized packages, great price packages and, most importantly, their responsibility towards tourists – make them unique and perhaps the best in this industry. It has now even collaborated with the transport companies like Redbus to offer even better services to their clients. MMT is India’s most sought-after travel provider. 


Another of India’s top travel agencies was established by Ashish Kashyap in 2007, with headquarters in Haryana. It is the winner of the “Best Tech Travel Aggregator Brand” by Economic Times. It operates through a website and a highly functional app. The company primarily specializes in booking train, flights, bus tickets and hotel reservations. The app is their best marketing gig, allowing for customizable plans. Make your plans, craft them accurately and however you want under the guidance of the best travel supporter. The payments through GoIbibo are super easy. Overall, it is a fantastic option. 


In 1996. Rich Barton introduced the brand Expedia, and since then, the company has been operating its brand in India. The company’s primary agenda is to offer clients cost-effective travel packages. Since the initial days, their primary marketing gig has been cheap and the best travel. This works suitably well in developing countries like India, where the population are travel lovers but has limited spending capacity. They collaborate with over 80,000 global hotels; you can always get your favorite one on the list. They offer multiple possibilities even within budget constraints. Indians love the brand for this precise reason. In 2013, they won the Award for Leading Online Travel Agency. 

Cox and Kings Ltd

It is the world’s oldest travel company. In India, the company operates with its headquarters in Mumbai. However, they have 12 other operating offices in India. This is a historic company; its profuse network worldwide makes travel more accessible. Since they have worldwide operation centers, you can easily plan your trips and be helped by the C&K of that country. The company is ideal for international trips. In India, C&K is a premium travel brand. With over 6 crore Indian Rupees as turnover, C&K is all you need to plan a luxurious and premium overseas trip. 

Club Mahindra Holidays 

Belonging to the Hospitality Sector of the Mahindra Group, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd is known for the excellent planning of family holidays. In India, family trips are the most sought-after. Mahindra group organizes reliable and family-friendly vacations to various domestic and international destinations. Club Mahindra holidays owns 61+ resorts across India and some of the world’s most exotic locations. They have a customer-friendly business model with excellent booking policies and are perfect for planning vacations that Indians love. 

Travel Guru

Looking for the best prices on flight bookings, hotels, and holiday packages? Travel Guru is your best choice, perhaps. It is India’s 9th largest travel company and the most consistent company with the best flight and hotel booking offers. They specialize in offering services for cruise booking. They are in the yet expansion mode, where they will be intruding on various travel-related services, including car rentals. It aims at making travel more convenient and cheaper because that is what dominates the Indian travel market. Travel Guru is a rising star with excellent prospects. 


Choosing the best travel company for domestic and international trips can be intimidating because there are so many to choose from. You can go for any of these companies because all their portfolios are interesting. The best thing is to connect with them and discuss the package you want; it will all be tailor crafted for you. The travel companies in India are indeed the best because India is the home of fabulous hospitality. The travel companies are also interconnected with other industries – travel stays, transport, etc. Based on the numbers, Thomas Cook India Ltd. is the biggest travel agency in India. 

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