Travel: Bora Bora 

Want to drip in the best tropical vibes? Bora Bora is your ideal destination. This small yet somber island is just 2 miles wide. But the beauty it offers is inversely proportional to its small width. Overflowing with beauty, this 6 miles long island is a tourist’s favorite throughout the year. An aquamarine lagoon, a dormant volcano, and lush forest vegetation, what more can make your travel better? Adorned with sunny skies, friendly locals, and luxurious resorts, Bora Bora is often labeled the Pearl of the Pacific. It is ideally situated in French Polynesia with tourism as the primary industry. 

What is the Best Time to Visit ?

The best month to visit Bora Bora are November and April. During these months, the weather is beautifully moderate. The time from May to October is laden with rain showers in this region that turns down tourist footfall. Any time is practically the best time to visit because the entire year bears tropical weather here. However, the peak seasons can cause some issues like high charges for transportation and the unavailability of rooms in resorts. 

If you truly want to save some money in Bora Bora, get there from December to March – this one is kind of an off-season and will cost you less. Whereas, the time of Christmas and New Year holidays can cost you more money. It is best to bring your own stock of alcohol to the island because the local products cost much. Also, try to carry your own sunscreen and bug spray – both of which are ultimate necessities in this place. If you want to enjoy a luxurious cruise experience in the Pacific Ocean, get pre-bookings done. It will save you money and time. 

What to Eat ?

The cuisine of Bora Bora is exclusive. It is a mix of the age-old local cuisine intruded on by the massive usage of some gorgeous seafood. There is a fantastic tradition of eating raw fish in Bora Bora. Do, give it a try. 

Citrus elements like lime juice are a major food ingredient here. Most dishes are cooked in coconut milk because beaches and coconut are almost synonymous. Raw tuna (poisson cru), is one of the most popular local delicacies of the region. Mahi Mahi and Bonito are some of the most unique local dishes and each of them is in reality fish marinated in tropical ingredients. 

Locals love trying out the unique variety of fruits in this place. Fresh pineapples, bananas, and coconuts are the staples. Food is often included in the resort package but it will cost more. If you want to save money on food, it is best that you explore the local markets. 


Since it is not at all huge, it won’t take you long to cover the island. The best way to get around in Bora Bora is on the bike. Just a few hours on the bike and you are done. There is a network of the local bus but they aren’t quite helpful. Travelers can get to Bora Bora from any part of the world, and the nearest airport is Motu Mute. 

However, travelers from the States will have to pause at Tahiti and take up another 45 minutes flight to Bora Bora. While booking for the resort, ensure that you choose one that offers airport pick-up and drop facilities. Usually, a visa is needed for a stay of more than 90 days. The hotels offer sightseeing options and before grabbing the same you should always compare the costs.

Luxury Escaope 

Your ultimate objective of visiting Bora Bora should be fun and relaxation. There aren’t any monuments or noteworthy tourist spots, so you save time and energy for sightseeing. Just lay back on the deck of your overwater bungalow and spend time with your loved ones and family. The best thing to do in Bora Bora is explore the underwater life. The Coral Gardens and Bora Bora Lagoonarium are must-visit places. 

A jaunt to the Vaitape is absolutely recommended especially if you dive deep into the local culture and explore their language, lifestyle, and food. And when it comes to Instagram photo dumping, do explore Mount Otemanu which is the best spot for unique snaps. Matira Beach is the most noteworthy sightseeing spot on the island. If you are an ardent lover of wildlife, don’t miss out on the Stingray feeding experience and visit the Bora Bora Turtle Center. 

Since we have already said that an ideal Bora Bora trip is all about relaxation, opting for spa treatments and body massages is a must. Most luxurious resorts have spas and parlor services included in the package. However, there are plenty of local spa centers that offer a similar experience. 

Final Words

Lagoon excursions, great seafood, fun time with family, alluring underwater life – the beauty of Bora Bora is unrivaled. Bora Bora is a romantic reality and the perfect honeymoon destination tailored perfectly for your special moment. Bora Bora will feel like a different world with the friendly locales, excellent food, tranquility, and fragrant tropical weather. You can plan a romantic inter-island journey. 

The island is a luxury escape into the lap of nature – smelling the beaches and being undisturbed. Conduct suitable research regarding the staying options and tickets. If you are booking any exotic visit like cruises, pre-bookings are mandatory. 

Things to Know Before  Bora Bora Trip

Did you know that most beaches and lagoons in Bora Bora are man-made? Yes, you heard that right. The lagoons and beaches that manifest the beauty of Bora Bora are not all natural. The turquoise water of the man-made lagoons is indeed beautiful. 

Insects, bugs, and fleas can be a major concern in Bora Bora. But, the locals have devised a super effective plan to combat the problem and that is a special oil called monoi, made from coconut and some other indigenous local herbs. It acts as an excellent moisturizer and a mosquito repellent. 

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