Travel Destination – Las Vegas

If life gives you a hard time, maybe you should consider going to Vegas. Considered one of the most happening destinations across the globe, Las Vegas is undoubtedly the place to visit if you are looking for a break from your mundane life. Vegas is known across the world as a popular party destination.

Flooded with bright sunlight during the day and the shimmer of party neon during the night, Vegas is the best place to hang out with friends and family. Las Vegas can be a good choice if you want to plan a holiday full of fun, happiness, and entertainment.

The surprising fact about Las Vegas is that – it was once a deserted and dusty town in Nevada. But there is no hint of that image in the current Las Vegas. Casinos, parties, dance, music, and lights are synonymous with Las Vegas. One of the core reasons why many people not interested in vacationing visit Vegas is because it is the current gambling capital of the world.

Las Vegas has been the gambling hotspot for the entire world since 1931. This has precisely led to the evolution of Las Vegas as the capital and popular tourist destination. The unbound freedom of doing whatever you like and spending your time in whichever way you want without any rules and regulations is the charm of Las Vegas.

Tourists flock to Las Vegas throughout the year, but winters are always better. During summers, the day temperatures are close to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it not so comfortable.

Top Tourist Destinations in Las Vegas

If you are planning a full-fledged trip to Las Vegas, here are some vital travel destinations that you must include in your list:

1.    Grand Canyon

The whole world has heard of Grand Canyon – the natural wonder. While being on a Vegas trip, you must not miss a chance to visit this geographically fantastic landscape. The most popular tourist activity in the recent days in Vegas is exploring the Grand Canyon with a luxury helicopter trip.

You can explore Americas’ most exciting natural formations and attractions with helicopter rides. The sight of West Rim, Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead are also included in this trip. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a sacred spot for Nature Lovers.

2.    The Strip

This is the activity center of Las Vegas. All the happening sprites, the gambling, street shopping, hanging out with buddies, everything happens here. It is not more than 2.5 miles in dimension yet hosts some of the most exotic entertainments in the world.

Clubs, pubs, luxury hotels, and fine dining spaces are lined up in this 2.5 miles. When you look at the colorful pictures of Las Vegas on Google or Instagram, it is this area that you view.

Even if you do not want to do anything, just take a walk from the starting to the ending point of The Strip, covering half of your adventures in Vegas. If you want to look at Vegas even closely, reside at any resort hotel in The Strip Area. It extends from Treasure Island to Mandalay Bay Hotel.

3. Venetian Hotels with Gondola Rides

If you love fantasies, there is no possibility that you are not in love with the Venetian boats making their way through the Gondolas (waterways of Venice). Las Vegas creates a similar experience for the tourists.

 In the Strip area, across the Treasure Island, Las Vegas features plenty of Gondolas to exactly replicate the feel of the city of Venice with clear skies above and a blue waterway beneath. This is a crucial tourist attraction in Las Vegas, and the Venetian Hotels are enchanting.

4. Fremont Street

This is your zone if you visit Las Vegas to witness the spectacular dance and music performances. The street creates an alluring vibe with a canopy of neon and LED lights. Even the sky above Fremont Street seems to be illuminated.

The street hosts numerous visual shows daily for tourists from across the globe. Entertainment acts and street performances are the Unique Selling points of this place. Outdoor acts are most popular here. If you want to explore the essence of Las Vegas beyond the walls of the casinos, then do not miss out on this area.

5. Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show

If you have seen the recent Instagram updates of Jungkook and Taehyung dancing in front of a fountain during their Vegas trip and wondering which location, is it. It is the Fountain Show at the Bellagio Resort. Every evening people gather here to view this amazing sight, just like people do in front of the Burj Khalifa.

Bellagio hotel is not only the finest residence in Vegas. Instead, it also houses other attractions such as the Bellagio Fine Arts Gallery, Bellagio Botanical Garden, Bellagio Fine Dining Restaurant, and the extremely popular Bellagio Spa.

The place will seem like a fantasy land with springs and dancing fountains. The sidewalks and visitors’ strolling places are fantastic. The best part is that most of these attractions are free. So, if you are planning to visit Las Vegas, there is no cache.

6. High Roller

If you think that the significant roller wheels on the planet are London Eye and Singapore Flyer, then it is time to break the notion because the High Roller of Vegas, measuring 520 feet in diameter, is the largest. It is situated parallel to the Las Vegas Boulevard.

Once you are on this wheel, it will take around 30 minutes to finish with one complete revolution. While you are experiencing a ride on this one, you will enjoy a full panoramic view of Las Vegas. This will include an overview of the Strip Area and so much more. The wheel has 28 glass cabins, and the capacity of each cabin is 40people.

While in this cabin, people are astonished by the view they can see. Inside the cabins, there is also a bar. So, you can enjoy a happy and contented time, 550feet above the ground, sipping at your whiskey glass and strolling across the most prominent entertainment center in the world.

7. Mob Museum

For travelers who like to explore historical relics more than anything., Mob Museum can be a great pick. Do not presume that Vegas has only entertainment to offer. There is so much more in Mob Museum.

The Mob Museum is one of a kind in the world. In this museum, various relics of the crimes that occurred in the USA are preserved. This museum is not like the other museum where you find good memories. Instead, it is a museum that opens your eyes to the dark side of the world.

There are various proofs of organized crimes in these museums. For example, the relics from St. Valentine’s Day Massacre are s not found in abundance around the world. This is a rare spot, and it makes sure you visit the place. Many people who have an interest in modern history and want to see a different shade of the modern world can definitely come to this place.

Final Words

Las Vegas is all set to provide you with a kaleidoscope of experiences. Las Vegas is a melting pot of people and cultures. It is one of those places that you won’t want to leave. The city is happening that your days will become enjoyable even if you take a walk down the street. There are beautiful natural beauties like the Grand Canyon and entertainment points like “The Strip.”

You must take out enough time for the trip not to miss out on anything. Plan your tour wisely and get ready to rock the lands of Las Vegas. A trip to Las Vegas will be highly enriching for you. Remember that: “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”

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