Travel Diary – Netherlands

Travel Diary – Netherlands- A picturesque country – a perfect confluence of modern civilization and natural beauty, canals, coastlines, twins, and villages – Yes, we are talking of Netherlands. Formerly known as Holland, the country boasts some of Europe’s best historical relics and ultimate laid-back entertainment for visitors across the globe. Indulge in the melting pot of art, culture, entertainment, and luxury with a fabulous and exciting Netherlands trip. The place is super easy to get through and lucidly navigable and this ease will make your trip even more happening.
The Netherlands is surprising. It has so much in store for the visitors. Especially if you visit the country during the summer months – the sunny days will help you explore and indulge in unique cover of nature – unheard and unseen before. The bustling cities and the lush green fields – what a perfect confluence for a holiday. The Netherlands is the ideal place to weave your travel stories. 

Traveling to Netherlands

The Netherlands is Europe’s most travel friendly destination. The rules and policies of the country are specially curated to attract global tourists round the year. The country was formerly called Holland which in fact is the name of a specific region of the country. The Netherlands is naturally blessed with the most beautiful and fertile landscape. The country shares its borders with Germany in the east and Belgium towards south. The north and western borders of the country are dominated by the North Sea. Netherlands has emerged to be one of the most crucial junctures for air and sea travel.

Some of the most important cities of the Netherlands

Some of the most important cities of the Netherlands are Eindhoven, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Maastricht. 
While the cities reflect more of a cosmopolitan culture with global vibes and modern city life, the villages across the coast and the naturally tainted beaches are the true bearers of the country’s naturally scenic beauty. The northern part of the country with offshore routes to Friesian Islands reflect more of a rural culture where the local population practices fishing, agriculture, and primitive ways of life. That is such bliss to the eyes.

Moving on to your travel and trip to the country, as most tourists, it is best to get started with Amsterdam. It is the largest city of the country and the site for most attractions of the country. All the luxury hotels, museums, premium shopping destinations and entertainment are found in this city. And here is a shout out call to all the fans of Van Gogh – you can truly find the best of his work at this place. Amsterdam is also known and celebrated for the Anne Frank House. Wherever you go, the country has so much to offer. The most interesting part is the local culture. The Dutch natives are quite helpful and outgoing people who have a friendly nature and their way of expressing love is through hospitality which is a great advantage to the visitors. 

Must Visit Places in The Netherlands

While you are in The Netherlands, here are places you simply cannot miss out:


Situated in the Northern side of the country, this one is undoubtedly the country’s biggest attraction. It offers an amazing package to the tourists – stunning scenic views, vibrant cosmopolitan culture and a happening nightlife adorned with great shopping joints. The must visit places while in Amsterdam are Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Bloemen Market, Vondelpark and so on. If you are adventurous enough, do not forget to take the canal cruise ride to explore the world’s best shopping destinations. 


This one is the perfect blend of history, art, and culture. If you truly love the art and culture aspect of any country, do not miss out on Rotterdam. It is a globally renowned location for its rich history, culture, and tradition. The major city attractions include visiting historical places and taking boat tours. Do not forget to check out the local delicacies. You can enjoy the fun food workshops.


Ask any tourist who has been to The Netherlands about their favorite spots and bet they would never miss out on this place. The world knows Holland for its cheese and the best place for cheese in the country is Edam. The popular Wednesday cheese market is truly a fantasy. Edam cheese is popularly exported across the globe and is crowned as one of the best cheeses in the world. While here, do not forget to check out the Volendam and Paard Van Museum.

The Hague

Home to the Dutch administration this city has every drop of modern vibe while retaining the serene primitive architecture. Though Amsterdam is the capital of the country, almost all major administrative tasks including the set of government are in Hague. It has the most happening nightlife ever. Try out visiting spots like Celestial Vault, First Natural Lanzart and Madurodam. 

Netherlands – Food and Cuisine

The Netherlands is not truly known for its food and the edible that makes it popular across the world is Cheese. Dutch cheese is the chief attraction for tourists. However, there are certain traditionally celebrated iconic dishes in the country that are a must try:

  • Hollandse Nieuwe Haring: Pickled Haring fish
  • Poffertjes: Dutch pancakes that are traditionally cooked in iron skillets and served with melted butter and icing sugar topping.
  • Sate: It is a dutch take on the traditional Satay sauce that is popular in Asia. You can try it out with rice, beef steaks and so on.
  • Break and baked products like Apple Flap and Stroopwafel, Tompoes pastry, Pastechi pastry
  • Appetizers such as Bamischifj (Inspired by the Indonesian noodle fries), Huzarensalade, Bitterballen, Krokets and Pepernoten.
  • Soups and Stews like Erwtensoep
  • Variety of Cheese
Final Words

Tradition and Innovation intertwines in the Netherlands. Right from the awestrucking tulip fields to posh candlelit cages and centuries old architecture – it is phenomenal. A trip to The Netherlands is a once in a lifetime experience that will offer you unadulterated happiness. The coexistence of nature, art and modern pace of life is visionary and is the true reflection of the country. 


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