Travel Diary – Thailand

Thailand – The ultimate traveler’s favorite in Asia. From featuring the best scenic beauty to lip-smacking cuisine, stunning temples, happening nightlife, and globally famed martial arts – a paradise for travelers. Pleasure seekers can enjoy the epitome of their life while being in Thailand. A mix of blissful beaches globally acknowledged shopping destinations, and wildlife – Thailand is the seat of ultimate holiday vibes. And mind you, Thailand is the travel hub of Southeast Asia for extremely profound reasons. 

Though Thailand attracts global tourists year-round, November to April is still considered the best time to visit the place. The best way to reach Thailand is by flying to Bangkok Airport. The best part about visiting Thailand is that it has enough and plenty to offer to all tourists irrespective of their interests and budget. Commutation in Thailand is extremely easy, super-fast, and convenient. 

Must Visit Places in Thailand 

Here are five must visit places in Thailand:


Thailand tours usually stem from the central radius of Bangkok. It is inevitable because Bangkok literally has the essence of Thailand since it is the capital. Bangkok is truly chaotic yet one of the best places you can explore in your entire lifetime. The temples and palaces reflect so much about ancient Thai culture. The night life is crazy, and the shopping stops are absolutely a bliss. Thai food, local ambience – everything on the peak. Bangkok is truly top notch and a must visit place while in Thailand. Do not forget to shop on the floating markets. 


If you are already done with your urban tour, it is time to dive into the beautiful natural scenes of Bangkok and what better than Phuket. Phuket is the biggest tourism destination in Thailand. Go to the Patong beach and enjoy true tropical vibes. The turquoise water, seafood and perfect beach ambiance – a lovely treat to your Thailand tour. If you are truly a beach person, Ko Phi Phi can also be an amazing destination in Thailand. 

Chiang Mai

If you want to dive deeper into the culture of Thailand and explore a bit of ancient Thai life, Chiang Mai is the ideal spot. It’s An old Thai city, with local food, night markets and one of the few places in Thailand that is peaceful, tranquil enough to make you feel at home. 

KhaoYai National Park

A globally popular spot located around 2 hours distant to Bangkok – the perfect spot to explore the fauna of Thailand. It has stunning visuals and lush green flora are an ideal Instagram photo sump backdrop. Enjoy elephant rides and stay at the guest houses. 

Tropical Islands

Thailand is an exciting aggregation of multiple tropical islands. Some are overdeveloped whole others restore the serene tranquility of natural peace. Among the very popular ones are Ko Samet, Ko Tarutao, Ko Lanta, Ko Chang and Koh Samui. You can pay a visit to all of them. Internal commutation is quite developed and hassle free. 

Stay at Thailand 

Accomodation in Thailand is cheaper than you can imagine. The bigger cities still may have a space crunch, so it is advisable to pre book your stay. However, tbh, Bangkok literally has enough space to accommodate the world. If you are on a budget trip or solo trip, staying at the hostels can be very convenient. Cheap guest houses costing only 400 THB per night are available widespread across the city. The island accommodation can be a bit costly – around 800-900 THB per night for the air-conditioned rooms at resorts or bungalows. Some of the most popular activities in Thailand include Jungle Safari, surfing and all water activities, exploring the nightlife of Bangkok and most importantly Shopping your heart out. Opt for an amazing Thai massage and spa. 

Food in Thailand 

Food in Thailand is a magnet for people across the globe. Thai cuisine is so loved and celebrated almost throughout Asia that there is hardly any need to re-introduce its grandeur. Thai food is extremely influential – the flavors, tropical ingredients and sumptuous use of seafood – all that could kick boost your taste buds. The use of earthy ingredients like basil, kaffir lime, cilantro, garlic, chilies and ample fish sauce makes it a melting pot of south Asian cuisine. Rice and noodles are the staples. 

Curries, fresh salads, street food and Fruits are inevitable in Thai cuisine. While in Thailand, do not miss out on the wide varieties of soups like Tom Yum Goong, the almost national dish of Thailand pad Thai that is fried noodles, the Thai Fried Rice- Khao Phad, a variety of skewers famously called satay and with everything and anything the dripping Thai peanut sauce. Street food is extremely cheap in Thailand and with just 50 to 60 TBH you can get a heartwarming meal at any Thai restaurant. 

Tips for Thailand Travel

Here are 5 pro tips for anyone and everyone who is planning for a Thailand visit any time soon: 

  • Go Local: Right from food, to shopping centers to commuting, try to opt for everything local. It is cheaper, easier and convenient. Eat local street food, ride local buses and keep your trip simple, affordable yet exciting. This way you can enjoy more.
  • 7-Eleven is Your Saviour – From your kid’s milk to your midnight chocolate cravings, to emergency toiletries – the chain of seven-eleven shops is a real time savior for any tourist who gets to Thailand. 
  • Happy Hours: opt for amazing deals and discounts at the Happy hours. The concept of happy hours is quite prevalent in Thailand be it in the restaurants, pubs or massage centers. Do not forget to hit your favorite places during the happy hours. 
  • Pack Drinking Water: Unlike many parts of Asia, the tap water in Thailand is not potable. So, it is essential that you make some arrangements for safe drinking water.
  • Explore as you Arrive: Stay with a local and book everything locally on spot for the best deals in Thailand. This is true because you can bargain and by pre booking you simply rule out the possibility. So, book as you arrive for better deals. 

If your current lifestyle is throwing lemons at you, your lemonade glass probably is in Phuket or the streets of Bangkok. Plan your next trip to Thailand because it has a kaleidoscope to offer.

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