Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Re transforming Human resources

Over the last decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly influenced and impacted every sector. It has re-transformed the core activities of businesses. With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), more and more innovations come from different countries, such as the development of computer and software programs.

These computer and software programs are based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These brilliant innovations can make complicated tasks look super easy, like streamlining the content, speech recognition, assisting the customers, and making informed decisions. As a result, AI has also impacted the human resources (AI) sector. Although human resources are not related to information technology (IT), its requirements and importance cannot be overlooked and underrated.

How Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Reshaping The Human Resources Sector?

See, AI is also present in your day-to-day routines. From online shopping to selecting your prescription eyeglasses, everything is based on AI technologies. No questions should arise about avoiding AI in the human resources industry. AI is helping this sector streamline the daily workflow and automating some complicated tasks.

Below we’re sharing the ways how this intelligent technology has become a helping hand in the human resources sector.

Quick Screening Of The Resumes

Yes, we agree that screening the resumes isn’t a complicated task for someone with decades of experience under the belt. This task doesn’t require analytical skills, and it is not even time-consuming. As far as you know your requirements and basic eligibility criteria, this resume screening task becomes as simple as a cakewalk.

For example, if out of ten candidates, four fulfill your needs and basic eligibility criteria, keep the appointment letters ready!

Now, here the AI comes into the picture and automates the entire task. When you’re using AI, all you have to do is feed your requirements and basic eligibility in the system and enjoy your cup of hot coffee. Apart from screening the resumes, AI can thoroughly analyze the database where the past candidates’ info is also stored.

As a result, you can even find the candidates who previously applied for the work positions but are also suitable for current openings.

Streamlining The Selected Candidates Onboarding Procedure

As AI has found the right candidates and you’ve also approved them, it’s time to get into the further training and onboarding stage. As new candidates will join your company, they don’t know much about your core activities; hence providing appropriate HR attention is mandatory. Nevertheless, it’s not easy to assist every candidate, but it’s imperative too.

With the use of AI programs, you can introduce the selected candidates to their daily work procedures, the company’s workplace policies, and the company’s primary objectives. AI algorithms are fed with the necessary information that eliminates the need for providing basic onboarding and training to the employees.

In simple words, the human resource professionals don’t have to spend days and weeks training the new candidates. The only thing is you need to insert the work experience, expertise, and qualifications of the employees, and AI algorithms will automatically find the best training program for every candidate.

Furthermore, AI-based intelligent bots will resolve all the queries asked by the candidates. Ensure you feed the right information related to policies, insurances, and similar things. As a result, the entire HR team can focus on the core activities like finding new talents, bringing growth opportunities for the company, and taking part in the decision-making processes.

Enhanced Training To The Employees

With the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), human resources sectors have many solutions regarding evaluation and training. AI algorithms are feature-rich enough to evaluate the gaps and bring the solutions to fill them. In simpler words, AI algorithms can evaluate which expertise and skills are missing in the employees and which training programs are best for them.

Those days are gone when companies use to develop e-learning programs that are still useful but not well-organized for every employee. In our opinion, e-learning programs can train a majority of the employees, but not every candidate. As a result, employees cannot make the most out of the training programs.

With AI tools, you can curate some interesting learning programs that are comprehensive, detailed, and easy to understand. Such learning programs have the ability to target the majority of candidates without the need for HR manager assistance.

Although, AI has also reshaped the selection and training assessments which are essential for every company. These assessments allow organizations to find the best possible candidates for their company even after the interview procedure.

From selecting the best candidates to training and transferring them to their designated work departments, AI is managing all the complicated tasks. Without Artificial Intelligence, all this pain will directly go on the shoulders of the human resources team.

AI-Based Personal Assistants

Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant are some of the best examples of AI-based assistants. These personal assistants are available on most devices like your smartphone, laptop, speakers, speaker, smartwatches, etc.

These AI-based assistants allow you to schedule your daily routine, set alarms and deadlines, and adhere to the reminders. The assistants present in your speakers and smartphones are not the best for HR professionals.

There are some special AI-based personal assistants also available, like Amy Ingram. These special AI-based personal assistants are like magic for the human resources team. From scheduling the daily meetings to setting reminders for company meetings and curating personalized emails, everything is handled by these AI assistants.

In our opinion, every organization should invest in such AI-based assistants for the betterment of their human resources departments. These AI-based assistants might not be beneficial for everyone, but HR professionals will find it challenging to survive in their daily routine.

Wrapping Up

Believe it or not, when it comes to establishing some technologies, HR departments are always clueless. As artificial intelligence (AI) impacts most aspects of our day-to-day routine, HR cannot stay away from them. Implementing AI solutions means enhanced productivity in a short time for both employees and HR professionals.

In a nutshell, AI has automated the recruitment, training, and onboarding tasks in the HR department. Nevertheless, as AI-based technologies are essential, the need for humans will never end!

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