World’s Top 10 Hill Destinations

World’s Top 10 Hill Destinations- Mountains have always been such an amazing magnet for adventure lovers. Breathtaking mountain travel destinations are the most sought after searches if the snow and glaciers truly gives you an adrenaline rush. Gorgeous landscapes and beautiful natural scenic beauty that is what makes mountain travel worth it. Thriving flora and fauna and an impeccable biodiversity of the mountains is surely going to make you fall in love with mountains. 

Mount Everest 

The adventurer’s dream – around 29029 feet or 8849 meters above the basal sea level. The highest mountain range in the world undoubtedly is the paradise for trekkers and mountain lovers. The natural scenic beauty and rugged terrain makes it the perfect spot for almost every adventure seeker. Despite the trek to the top being life threatening, adventurers can never be kept away from it. Mountaineers have constantly attempted to get to the top of these mountains and as they say the more daring it is the more beautiful it is. Situated over three countries – Nepal, Tibet and India, the Himalayan Mountain ranges that abodes the Mount Everest is definitely the top one in the list.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Considered as one of the most important mountain ranges in the world, it is a gala destination for travelers who want to explore the beauty of nature along with the beauty of mountains. Mount Kilimanjaro is 5895 meters above the ground and situated in Tanzania. The snow capped mountains reflect an awestrucking beauty with the ice fields is an amazing view to enjoy. What makes it better if you can enjoy the mesmerizing wildlife of Tanzania as you get to this place. A view of the majestic leopards, cape buffaloes, colobuses and lush forests – what more do you need to make your mountain trip happening and adventurous. This trip is one of the most expensive trekking trips in the world. 

Swiss Alps 

Having a spellbound effect on mountain trekkers throughout history, the magical mountains of Swiss Alps are astonishing when it comes to beauty. The Swiss Alps are situated in Switzerland and have multiple majestic peaks with overwhelming beauty. These are the peaks of Dammastock, Matterhorn and Dufourspitze. The slopes of the Swiss Alps are the most famous in the world because they offer the trekkers an opportunity for multiple types of snowboarding activities and skiing. Swiss Alps are currently the most active fold mountains of the world. Out of all the peaks, the Matterhorn peak is notable due to its distinguished pyramid shape and extensive height.

Mount Fuji

Yeah that is a volcano – this 12, 400 feet tall volcanic mountain is not only Japan’s preliminary tourist attraction but also one of the most celebrated mountains across the globe. The breathtaking views of Mount Fuji grabs the attention and spirit of anyone and everyone who has ever been here. The mountain sits at a juncture of three tectonic plates. Most hikers get to this place during the months of July and August. Mount Fuji is one of the rarest active volcanoes in the world. It is the uncertainty and destructive beauty of this place that makes it so special. Mount Fuji of Japan is 3776 meters above the ground level and a must visit for the mountain lovers of the world. 

Bogda Peak

Talking of magnificence, we simply can’t get over this majestic mountain peak situated in China. It is 5445 meters above the ground level. Labeled as one of the most rugged terrains of the world, it is indeed one of the most difficult peaks to travel to and climb in the world. The limitations make it more attractive to the trekkers. It receives significant attention from the adventure lovers of the world who are bored with the regular every day trekking plans. One of the most difficult beauties of the world, Mount Bogda stands tall and is surely a difficult nut to crack. 

Mount Cook

The proud beauty of New Zealand, this popular mountain peak is situated in the Aoraki National Park. The magnificent beauty of this peak with snow capped tops is surely a treat to the eyes and a traveler’s paradise. Mountaineering enthusiasts are keen to explore this mountain range because the splendid hiking trails of this place is a fabulous attraction. The mountain range has the longest glacier in the country – the Tasman Glacier that makes it one of the most scenically attractive mountain destinations of the world. Hikers from across the globe visit the three peaks of this mountain range.

Table Mountain, South Africa

South Africa has always been considered as one of the most traveled destinations of the world. The Table Mountains near Cape town is surely one of the unique mountain ranges of the world and a must visit in the bucket list of mountain lovers. It derives its name from how the top of the mountain looks – Flat as a Table. The highest point of the mountain is 1086 meters and it is truly a challenge for the mountain lovers to traverse this hiking journey. For those who are not into hiking still want to explore the top of the mountains – the cableway can help you out. Don’t miss out on the unique views of the most bizarre animal – the Dassie.

Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomites mountain range situated in North Italy is surely one of a kind mountain range in the Alps. The rich landscape of this mountain range makes it one of the most loved and visited travel destinations in Europe. It is 3350 meters above the ground level. A perfect hub for multiple adventure activities including heli skiing, hang gliding and base jumping. Even if you are not up for these adventurous activities, the hiking trails can even make the journey more happening. 

If you have been saving your money, time and energy for traveling to mountains, this list surely will be one of a kind for your help. Choose any of these according to your wish and convenience and explore the majestic glamor of nature in the best possible way. 


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